Bikes Inside
January 25-February 3, 2013
A group art show inspired by the bicycle


A bicycle themed show featuring art inspired by… well… the bicycle! Artists include: Afshin Mehin, Al Roback, Alison Bruce, Alicia McLean, Amy Walker, Alison Keenan, Austin Hawkins, Carrie McKellar, Chris Bentzen, David Phu, Edward Peck, Erin Gibbs, Fred Doazan, Genevieve Desjardins, Greg Fenske, Joe Taormina, Laura Eveleigh, Lauren Williamson, Lee Henderson, Mandy Lau, Megan Carruthers, Michael Nunweiler, Mindy Fraser, Nick Melchin, Pheonix Ch’cken & Friendship Bee, Publik Secrets, Robyn Lisa & Pristine, Ron Simmer, Phyllis Schwartz, and Sarah Corsie.

View photos of the art and from opening night on Flickr >

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