Hot Art Wet City presents
The 5th Annual
Sept 28–Oct 1, 2017
Opening Reception Thursday Sept 28 from 6–10pm
Open Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 10:30am–5:30pm
at The Gallery of BC Ceramics


Hot Art Wet City’s annual immature nude art show Boobies & Wieners is back for a fifth, filthy year. This time, we’re partnering with The Gallery of BC Ceramics (1359 Cartwright St, Vancouver) for a quickie weekend show on Granville Island. As always expect to see the walls filled with explicit art from over 50 of the best and dirtiest Vancouver-based artists. From the crass to the cartoonish, there’s sure to be something sexy to appeal to you. Join us at the opening reception on Thursday September 28 from 6pm to see the provocative work and meet some of the hot artists. The show only runs through the weekend, so don’t by shy—even though viewer discretion is advised.

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Artists include: Aaron White, Alex Stewart, Annie Weber, Ash McGregor, AT Originals, Becca Lowe , Ben Everyman, Cade Cran, Calvin Bradbury, Carlan Hughes, Carmen Bright, Cathleen Chow, Charlie Labelle, Chloe Scarfo, Chris Bentzen, Chris Watson, DanOddity, Dave Stanway, Dave Stewart, Devi Warchild, Dezi Raider & Dark Cell Photography, Dionne Ong, Divya Nanray, Eileen Harder, Emily Jean, Emma Lehto, Flavia C, Haley Perry, Harley Munsie , Holly Winters, Isadora Rodrigues, Jackie Talmey-Lennon , Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jeff Porter, Jemma Titheridge, Jessica Blaquiere, Kacia Lee, Karla Monterrosa, Kat Hirsch, Katherine Wilson, Kathleen McGiveron, Kiah Mortison, Kimberley Howie, Kirsten Hatfield, Lara Hjorthoy, Laurel Thomson, Lilly Rose Smith, Lucy Stainsby , Lyndsey Paramo, Madeleine Sava, Mandy Lau, Maria Batista , Marina LeClair , Maritza Louis, Matt Hanns Schroeter , Matthew Burditt, Megan Channell , Meghan West, Michael Abraham, Mika Senda, Mike West, Nahanni McKay, Nicholas Frenette, Nicole Paluck , Nikki McLaren, Nikki Pecasso, Olusha Milley, Oriana Camporese, Pamm Fournier, Patrick Takata, Payal Bansal, Peg Leg, Pifa Alarcon, Pink Swami, Rosaura Lezama, Rosie Schinners, Sam Peachie , Samantha Gill, Samantha Thomas, shahla bozorgzadeh, Shary Contrary, Simone Ip, Stefan Razutis, Steffi Lai, Sunny Go, Suzy F, Tayt Modern, The Human Prism, Valerie Oba, Valerya Nyukalova, Vladimir Kolosov, William Liao, Wren Bruce, and Yuki Cormier.


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