The 10th and FINAL
Trading Card Art Show
May 26, 2018
at The Arts Factory


The creators of Hot One Inch Action present the 10th and FINAL CARDED! on Saturday May 26 from 7–11pm at The Arts Factory in Vancouver. Art from 50 local artists reproduced on trading cards and made available for art lovers to buy, collect, and trade. Check out what’s available on the wall and then buy random cards in mixed packs of five for $5. Want a specific card? Trade for it! How bad do you want that card!? ONE NIGHT ONLY! Free to attend! for complete details.

Artists: Ben Worth, Cameron Hicks, Cameron Wilson, Celina Dasneves, Clem Chen, Darcy Dee, Darren LeBeuf, David Camisa, David Righton, Eric Millar, Erika de Canella, Exploding Haggis, Flavia, Gabrielle Ng, Hanna Lee Joshi, James Maxwell, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Jemma Titheridge, Jenn Brisson, John Guy, John Shigeta, Josue Menjivar, Juliana Vieira, Ken Rolston, Laura Bonnie McIntosh, Laura de Pascale, Madison Reid, Mandy Lau, Marina LeClair, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Mike West, Mo Sherwood, Mouthbrooder, Murphy Phelan, Olivia Di Liberto, Phresha, Robert Nicol, Samantha Morales, Serena Bon-Binky, Shary Contrary, Shimona Slomowitz, Simon Lam, Stacey Hamilton, Steffi Lai, Syd Danger, Tony Rodriguez, Trina Forrest, Vincent Truitner, Yukiko Adachi, and Zara Alfonso.

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