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Voices From Another Room: Five artists explore paper
Featuring Rachael Ashe, Alison Woodward,
Joseph Wu, Connie Sabo & Sarah Gee Miller
Opening Reception April 3 from 7pm
April 3-25, 2014 (Closed April 18/19)


This exhibition showcases paper as an artistic medium unto itself, and demonstrates its versatility beyond the role of a mere surface for other materials. Rachael Ashe, Alison Woodward, Joseph Wu, Connie Sabo and Sarah Gee Miller produce strikingly different styles of work but approach working intimately with paper through similar methods. Each of the five artists transforms their materials using one or more techniques of cutting, folding, twisting, painting but with a unique take on the end result. The work in this exhibition reveals the infinite possibilities of paper as alchemical material in the creation of intriguing pieces of fine art and craft. Invite your friends on Facebook >

Watch interviews with 4 of the artists:

Voices from Another Room
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