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The Winsor Gallery posted a short article and link to Pennylane Shen’s interview.
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Daphne Chan posted a link to her interview on her blog. You should connect with her and comment on her interview.
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Dacosta posted his interview on his site.
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This link is a little more self serving: Artsy Dartsy posted the call for submissions for FK IT DUDE.
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Bowie: Pop Culture Icon

Someone asked me recently, “Why Bowie? Why an art show about Bowie?” My response? “Well, it’s not just an art show about David Bowie, it’s Bowie portrayed as a superhero…” because that’s what he is to so many people. And today I found out just how important Bowie is:

Bowiefest is the UK’s first film fest dedicated to David Bowie the actor. The festival includes 3 days of film screenings, talks, and Q&A’s. If I was in London from August 31-September 2, 2012, I’d be at this festival.

Tilda Stardust, the other Bowie-related fan site I found, is also about actress Tilda Swinton. This site, through photographic evidence, claims Tilda and David Bowie are, in fact, the same person. At the very least, Tilda Stardust has a great collection of Bowie pics.

Bowie as Comic Book Art

If you’ve been following the conversation on the Facebook event, you’ll recognize this link to art by Luke Yates. If not, it’s a debate about whether or not We Can Be Heroes steals his idea. In 2009 and 2011, he had Bowie/comic book shows called We Are The Dead. Sounds the same, right? If you associate comic books with superheroes, it’s close. I don’t read comic books so superheroes to me are in the movies.

First off, no, I didn’t steal the idea. I was listening to Bowie and thinking about the words and the idea of Bowie as a superhero seemed exceedingly obvious and exceptionally fun for an art show. Second, it’s not the same. His work is specifically comic book covers featuring Bowie or Bowie song titles. We Can Be Heroes is more specifically Bowie portrayed as superhero (fictional or imaginary). Finally, ideas flow through culture and bubble up at different times. I’ve found other Bowie comics and other Bowie superheroes, and so much fan art it’s amazing there aren’t annual Bowie shows happening around the world. It’s understandable when an artist wants to defend his position as the originator of an idea. Of course, that ignores the influence culture has on the creator. I recommend watching Everything Is A Remix for more on this.

I didn’t know about Luke’s art back in March when I was first thinking about the show. I found out about it after I did the call out for submissions and someone from Seattle sent me a link to his work. I reached out to Luke to submit but, for whatever Facebook setting was or wasn’t checked, he didn’t get the message. I hope he submits, it can only make the show better… but I understand if he doesn’t. Check his work out here >

First work for FK IT DUDE arrives!

Fun in the mail today! This Lebowski icon set comes from Kyle Tezak of Chicago. This print will be available to buy at Hot Art Wet City Pop-Up Gallery starting September 21. Looking forward to more goodies in the mail and dropped off in person soon.

HAWC Pop-Up Gallery Signs Up

Put the signs up today for the Hot Art Wet City Pop-Up Gallery. Now on to the inside. Holes are filled so next is primer, paint, some lighting changes, build a moveable wall, a lock on the storage room… gallery opens 2 weeks from tomorrow on September 21. 752 E Broadway in Vancouver.

More work arrives by mail

This piece by George Leon will be at the Big Lebowski show FK IT DUDE on September 21.
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Russell Alton dropped off some pieces for the Lebowski Show

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Thanks Russell for submitting these 3 great pieces for the show. See them in person this Friday September 21 at 752 E Broadway.

Framed photo from Caprice White

Caprice White submitted this great bowling shoe photo for the FK IT DUDE show September 21.
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Work from Howard Penning for the Lebowski show

More work for the show, this great piece from Howard Penning.
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Erin Gibbs making art at the gallery

Erin Gibbs kept me company for a bit at the gallery and did some work on her show submission.
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