HOT TALKS: Alison Denham & Billy Marchenski
April 24, 2014

Alison Denham and Billy Marchenski present choreography and slideshow excerpts from their piece Slowpoke. This live performance is inspired by their experiences visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion zone in the Fall of 2011. Slowpoke starts off as a pilgrimage to rediscover lost roots and turns into an analysis of ideas of authenticity and human beings’ relationship to the eternal in everyday life. The show premiered at the Russian Hall last summer, co-produced by local Theatre company Radix. This excerpt comes from a duet that deals with themes of artistic versus moral responsibility and at making the invisible visible. It is an attempt at touching, for a moment, what is uncanny, intangible, unknowable. Read a preview of the performance from the Georgia Straight >

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Alison Denham attended Arts Umbrella and the Ballet BC mentor program. She danced with Dancemakers in Toronto under the direction of Serge Bennathan. In 2005 she moved back to the west coast where she danced for companies such as Wen Wei Dance, Lola Dance, Co. Erasga Dance, Simone Orlando, Andrea Nann, Science Friction, Peter Chin of Tribal Craclkling Wind, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Out Innerspace, Plastic Orchid Factory, The Rainforest Circus, and Peggy Baker. She is currently working on projects with Justine Chambers, and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg.

Billy Marchenski has a BFA in Theatre from SFU. He is a founding member of the Jesse nominated company, Screaming Flea. Since 2000, Billy has worked for professional independent Theatre, and Contemporary dance companies such as Battery Opera, Radix, Helen Walkley, Theatre Terrific, The Leaky Heaven Circus, Caravan Farm, Bica Del Lupo, Co.Erasga Dance, Tribal Crackling Wind in Toronto, Theatre Skam, Felix Culpa, Kinesis Dance Somateatro, The Only Animal, Serge Bennathan, Science Friction, Movent, In the House Festival, Vancouver Moving Theatre, and the Rainforest Circus.

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