HOT TALKS: Julien Thomas
March 27, 2014


Confessions of an Urban Interventionist

We find ourselves in a concrete reality of streets, curbs, and sidewalks that guide our daily path. Despite this hard situation, we do have a choice: What if we decided to step off the curb and chart new directions? What actually compels us to walk the straight and narrow? The work I do asks these questions in order to find new ways of living together in the city we call home. I’d like to share with you my successes, failures, insights, and inspirations from this work.

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Julien F. Thomas is a Vancouver-based Social Artist and Facilitator. Over the past four years, he has founded eight unique projects using public space, collaborative gaming, and film as mediums. His recent initiatives include Park-a-Park, Vancouver’s first mobile park, and the Commercial Drive Parklet which was successfully funded through Kickstarter in late 2013. Julien pursues his passion by creating spaces that forge new connections and radically engage participants. When he is not creating, you can find Julien at a local craft brewery enjoying bitter hops. He is moving to Amsterdam in late 2014 to pursue a Masters in design and deliberation.

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