Naked Girls Reading presents
Naked Girls at the Movies
June 18, 2015

Naked Girls Reading presents… Naked Girls at the Movies. Host Vanity Feral is joined by her guests Misty Greer, Nite Mare and Riannaconda as they read from books made into movies.

Naked Girls Reading is the perfect unique live event: a monthly nude literary salon featuring readings by local burlesque luminaries, professional librarians, authors and other Naked Girls. Guests to the salon are invited to sip a drink and listen with their eyes wide open as full-frontal literature meets fine art in the intimate setting of Hot Art Wet City. See photos from past shows on the Naked Girls Reading Vancouver Tumblr >

“What did you get up to last Friday night? If you answered anything other than ‘went to Naked Girls Reading,’ you lose.” NBC New York

“Great literature stripped bare” Entertainment Weekly

“It did what a great reading should.”

“After the first thrill of the initial disrobing, the pleasure of seeing beautiful women undressed fades besides the sense of intimacy achieved from someone bearing both their body and their soul at the same time. It was a remarkable experience.”

Readers’ Choice Nominee, “Best NSFW Night 2012” Time Out New York

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