September 10–25, 2015


A collaborative between Hot Art Wet City and Mark Brand’s Catalog, this show examines our relationship between art, value and cost in connection to our spending habits while dining and drinking. Receipt pairs artists’ work with actual receipts from dinners and weekend benders as sale pricing.

We’re fascinated by the disconnect between things we value and what we readily spend on a weekend. Every show we have is met with a price barrier conversation but our consumption of food, drugs and alcohol has never been higher. We want to draw that direct line and have people support the incredible artists in our city before they move away to more embracing cities.

Artists: Ali Bruce, Jeff Wilson, Jay Senetchko, Arleigh Wood, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Sean Karemaker, Andrea Hooge, Ilya Viryachev, James Knight, Colin Moore, Drew Young and Caroline Weaver.

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