Jose Rivas

Interview with Vancouver artist Jose Rivas
MUSIC: “Something In the Woods” by krackatoa

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Peace Out
New Works from José Rivas
March 6-21, 2015


It’s José’s last Vancouver show before moving to Toronto. It’s his goodbye party too, and he hopes to thank everyone in person who has supported him over the years in this incredible city. The series of work he will be exhibiting is his study of birds and their anatomy in motion. He breaks apart their structure and expresses their dynamic movement through gestural stokes and geometric shapes. See photos from the show in the Flickr album >

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Raised in a household of Spanish heritage, Jose Rivas only started speaking English at the age of five, after distinct impressions were made on him by his family’s culture of origin. Over the years his eccentric personality and affluence of artistry was primed through Capilano University’s Illustration and Design program (IDEA). Jose’s work is described as representing ‘the chaos of life, juxtaposed with its underlying beauty, expressed and complimented by saturated, alluring colours, and repetitive gestural strokes.’ His paintings often speak of his attraction to the complexities of life and that which we impose on ourselves to make life colourful.

by Jose Rivas
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