Boobies and Wieners SIX
January 25/26, 2019
at The Arts Factory


Hot Art Wet City is bringing back your favourite immature and dirty art show for a sixth, sexy year. This time, we’re partnering with Arts Factory (281 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver) for this little quickie. As always, expect to see the walls filled with explicit art from some of the best and dirtiest Vancouver-based artists. From the crass to the cartoonish, there’s sure to be something hot to appeal to you. Join us at the opening reception on Friday January 25 from 6-10pm or on Saturday January 26 from 12-4pm (please note, to see the complete show, visit us on Friday night — art that sells will be available to pickup on Saturday). Viewer discretion is advised.

ARTISTS: Aino Keinaenen, Alex Lavrov, Alice Rooney, Annie Weber, Audra Ann Ricketts, BOMBAST95, Brea May, Breanna Cheek, Bret Taylor, Bryce Aspinall, Calvin Bradbury, Carolina Fierrot, Cayley Carlson, Charlotte Assier, Chris Bentzen, Chris Watson, David Dayco, Dezi Raider, Dionne Ong, Flavia, Georgia Couver, Grace Soo, Harley Munsie, Human Prism, Ian Horsfield, Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jesse Wamboldt, Jessie Brennan, Jon Shaw, Jordan Corder-Swanson, Justine Crawford, Kacia Lee, Karla Monterrosa, Kat, Katy Springer, Kay Slater, Kelsey Jacobsen, Lara Hjorthoy, Leanne Schaefer, Lyndsey Paramo, Mandy Lau, Mandy Tsung, Marina Leclair, Megan Majewski, Mika Klippenstein, Millie Hand, Molly Gray, Morgane Billault, Olusha Susan Milley, Payal Bansal, Samantha Thomas, Samuel Cawkell, Sára Molcan, Sara Wilson, Sarah Wunderlich, Sean Moxley, Sheri Alexander, Sigrid Albert, Simon Morgan, Tanna Po, Terrence (TERBYWONDER) Bunting, Teyra Lerand, Tuli Bird, UNKY, Venus Vinctum, Vicki Lynn Rae, Yukiko Adachi, and Zoe Si.

boobies & wieners 6
The 3rd Annual
Boobies & Wieners: Ménage à trois
October 2–24, 2015


Boobies & Wieners is back for a third year featuring immature and explicit nude art from almost 100 artists, including some great work from a few American guests. If there’s anything Vancouver loves, it’s dirty art! ADULTS ONLY! VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED!

Photos from the show on Flickr > (you may have to login to Flickr to view)

Featuring: Two Dimes, Sabrina Elliott, Tina Lugo, Shary Contrary, Megan Magdalena and Nomi Chi. Plus submissions from Aaron White, Adrian Syrja, Aleshia St. Cyr, Alex Stewart, Amelia Smart, Amy Tom, Andrea Mueller, Andrea Tucker, areml, Becky Nguyen, Ben Z Cooper, Bronwyn Schuster, Cameron MacLeod, Christina Kruger-Woodrow, Corey Hardeman, Dallas Cleghorn, Dezi Raider, Dox Thrasher, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Erin Gibbs, Flavia C, Gabriella Anderson, Hailie Beaulieu, Jack Morris, Jackson, James Lloyd, Jane Q Cheng, Jessica Blaquiere, Jim Cummins aka I, Braineater, John Shigeta, Joseph Wu, Josh Swanson, Kait Middlemiss, Karlene Harvey, Kathleen McGiveron, Kathryn Lancashire, Katy Springer, Kay Slater, Kelly Baker, Ken Forster, Kiah Mortison, Kirsten Hatfield, Klaus Pinter, Lara Hjorthey, Lauren Thu, Mandy Lau, Marc Junker, Marina LeClair, Maritza Louis, Megan Majewski, Melissa Eden, Michael Wong, Nicole Steen, Payal Bansal,, Peg-leg, Rachael Wada, Rhandi Sandford, Rianne Keel, Robin Bougie, Sara Wilson, Sarah Baker, Sarah Judge, Sasha, Sheri Alexander, Stephanie Arnot, Susan Knight, Terby Wonder, The Gypsy Mermaid, Vince Hemingson, and Zox.

In addition to the main show, we’re hosting mini-exhibit Art or Bust. Curated by artist Jenn Brisson, breast casts of nine breast cancer survivors are turned into works of art. The were sold in a silent auction and raised $490 with 100% of those funds given to Rethink Breast Cancer. Artists: Nicole Steen, Brianne Tweddle, Mark Illing, Jenn Brisson, Michael Markowsky, Candice Roach, Tajah Fatima Olson, Leilani the Artist, and Jeny Cassady.

A collection of drawings from our monthly Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School will also be up as part of the show. Host Shary Contrary brings in some of her favourite sketches from Aaron White, Ed Chee, Kim Parker and Vince Smith. Why can’t figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join Dr Sketchy’s on the third Tuesday of the month at HAWC for 3 hours of drawing and decadence! for tickets and info.
Dr Sketchy's Anti Art School

Official after party at Fox Cabaret
Fox Cabaret

Thanks to What’s Up Hot Dog
What's Up Hot Dog

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