featuring i♥️, eafo & The Grominator
March 3–19, 2016


Antisocial Media is a collection of works by i♥️, eafo and The Grominator made in the wake of several cliché personal experiences involving love, addiction, and stupidity. They both mourn and rejoice in this unsolicited education. The variety of mediums and styles marks a major creative transition, but each artwork retains a sense of self-reflection and an affinity for illustration. Click here to see photos on Flickr >

i♥️ was born somewhere in western Canada, sometime in the late ’80s. Given the nature of what he does, iHeart remains anonymous. By appropriating elements of digital culture the artist blurs the boundaries of life on- and offline. iHeart’s solo exhibition, #asignofthetimes, was an unsanctioned gallery installed under the Granville Street Bridge in the summer of 2015. The show explored some dark twists on society’s obsession with social media. Despite the City of Vancouver’s efforts to curb iHeart’s nefarious behaviour the artist continues to live and work in Vancouver.

Earthfolk, aka eafo, is a Calgarian boy who makes things. He mostly draws and writes things on walls and canvas and paper and stuff. He is not really sure why he does this, but there is a lot of happiness, sadness, and uncertainty involved. He writes ambiguous love letters and sends them to strangers. He likes drawing iconic things, especially hands and the face of a man. The man is imaginary and is kind of a weirdo, but is a pretty nice guy.

The Grominator, a Canadian graffiti artist, is widely recognized for his psychedelic monsters and graffiti on trains throughout Canada and the United States. He began painting trains in 2008 in his hometown of Calgary AB, and initially creating art in 2006. Since then he has traveled throughout Canada and the United States and created a strong following in North America and worldwide. He is consistently creating and sharing new forms of artwork ranging from canvas’, model trains, and toys to collaborations with clothing companies and long boarding companies. His work has been in skate shops, glass shops, galleries and murals throughout Canada and the United States. He continues to hit every town and city he visits, always making a undeniable presence.

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