WORKSHOP: DIY Pro Framing Techniques
Thursday May 30, 2013
Cost-effectiveness Ways to Customize your Work

Framing your artwork is often necessary however very expensive. This seminar offers cost-effective do-it-yourself methods and general techniques for framing various types of artwork such as photo-based prints, works on panel, canvases and floating drawings behind glass. How to matte, assemble woodcuts, foam core, spacers and glass will be demonstrated.

The seminar covers contemporary styles and trends in framing, as well as the importance of protecting the artwork for longevity and archival purposes. Finally, cost effective resources for where to find the basic materials will be provided.

If you have specific questions about your own unique artwork, feel free to bring samples for suggestions and discussion.

Presenter Pennylane Shen has taught full courses in Vancouver, New York and Toronto. Navigating the Art Industry is a condensed introductory session, combining theory, industry experience and practical resources for the emerging artist. She currently works at the Bau-Xi Gallery and teaches “Marketing for Fine Artists” at Langara College. In the nonprofit sector, Pennylane manages the figurative artists collective Phantoms in the Front Yard and is on the art selection committee for the annual Art for Life art auction.

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