We’re All Pretty Bizarre
An art show inspired by the films of John Hughes
June 4-27, 2015

In 1985, John Hughes directed Weird Science and The Breakfast Club. Considering he only directed 8 films, that made 1985 is pretty important year for him. He also wrote National Lampoon’s European Vacation that year! Thirty years later, his nearly 50 films are still an important part of western pop culture. Though not the first tribute to his work (and likely not the last), we’re pretty excited to host this John Hughes art show. See photos from the show and opening reception on Flickr >

Portraits of his actors, references to narrative elements, mash-ups and other weird and exciting interpretations from films like: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Planes, Trains & Automobiles, Uncle Buck, Home Alone, Christmas Vacation, Pretty in Pink, and more! Read more about the show in The Georgia Straight >

The show features several works from locals MW Bowen and Sherri Rogers, plus submissions from Akemi Ito, Anita Bhatia, Anne Lei-Yeung So, ARGH!!!, Becca Williams, Bob Scott, Bruce Wilson, Chris Bentzen, Chris Tait, David Vegt, Dawn Lo, Dusan Postolovic, Frances Cabahug, Fred Chevalier, Hailie Beaulieu, Jack Morris, Jacqueline Simpson, Jay Cabalu, Jean Paul Langlois, Jessica Wiebe, John Shigeta, Kate Murray, Kay Slater, Kelly Baker, Keri MacLeod, Kirsten Hatfield, Lara Hjorthoy, Mandy Lau, Marina Nazarova, Michelle Stephan, Minjoo Kim, Nicci Battilana, Niharika Russell, Niki Papp, Paul Gill, Rory O’Sullivan, Sara Wilson, Sarah Keppler & Tamara Lauzon.

“People forget that when you’re 16, you’re probably more serious than you’ll ever be again. You think seriously about the big questions.” — John Hughes

“Sure, some of the surface elements of “The Breakfast Club,” like the music and the fashion, are totally ’80s — but the deeper narrative of the film speaks to timeless elements of the teen experience, like questions of belonging and identity that get to the heart of what it means to be an adolescent. It’s the reason today’s teenagers still watch Hughes’ movies and can quote the lines by heart.” — MTV

We're All Pretty Bizarre

Bennett Slater

Interview with Vancouver painter Bennett Slater
MUSIC: “Okiirobo Navigation System” by Henry Homesweet

LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’
September 6-29, 2013


LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a collaborative show that explores the mindscapes of illustrators/designers Dacosta! aka Chocolate Soop® and Frazer Adams of Frazer Creative. From robotic characters and product branding to cosmic vistas and gemological forms, LUXSTAR ‘Innergalaktik’ is a mash up of digital and analogue, featuring imagery that plays with existing and emerging elements of pop-culture from all corners of the galaxy.

See photos of the show on Flickr >

Chocolate Soop® is a design creative studio currently based in Vancouver specializing in Character IP Development. Influenced by Japanese culture, graffiti and industrial design, CHOCOLATE SOOP® is driven to create projects which contribute to and promote “Character culture” on the global stage. Headed by Dacosta(!) a self-taught, multifaceted illustrator and award winning designer Chocolate Soop® ha has been creating toys, illustration, apps, animated projects and more for the past 17 years

Frazer Adams is a Vancouver-based illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti artist. He wields a strong understanding of three dimensions and greatly values the precision, cleanliness and impact of vector graphics and typography. Though Frazer comes from a background in street art, he draws inspiration from images and ideas found in nature and the universe. Since graduation from the Capilano University IDEA Program, Frazer has expanded game art, user interface design, typography, and turntablism.

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