A Post-It Note Art Show
Saturday March 30, 2019 from 6–10pm
at The Arts Factory


STICKY features over a thousand tiny, original, pieces of art made on 3×3 inch Post-It notes! Over 140 artists contributed 6–10 pieces each, with 1100+ Post-Its priced at $20/each. Our focus is on great art from local and international talent at a very affordable price. On Saturday March 30 at The Arts Factory (281 Industrial Ave, Vancouver), almost 700 people attended the 4 hour, one-night only event. A selection of unsold work is available to purchase in our online store

ARTISTS: Alex Harris, Alex King, Ammi Teir, Amy Tom, Andrea Hooge, Angel Li, Angela Bueckert, Annie Hung, Araminta P, Ashley Carpenter, Aurora Caher, Beatrice Moore, Becky Nguyen, Ben Duncan, Bev Alexander, Brenda Poaps, Brianna Flynn, Calvin Bradbury, Carmine Quezada, Carolina Fierrot, Christel Chan, Christine Wei, Claire Pipher, Clara Leigh-Wong, Courtney Barboza, Crissy Arseneau, Dan Brown Hozjan, Danika Dunn-Rydh, Dawn Lo, Dayley Lim, Dean Mitchell, Debbie Alvarado, Dionne Ong, Duncan Ris, Dzee Louise, Eggman, Ekaterina Nekoryashchikh, ER Gott, Erika Medina, Ezerd, Flavia, Francis Bantayen, Gemma Lee, Gemma McCutcheon, Gillian Pearson, Gord Bruce, Hannah Marsland, Hazel Cheng, Holly Chmelyk, Jace Kim, Jason Beange, Jay Lyonns, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Jenn Brisson, Jenn Ivry, Jenny Hsieh, Jessa Dupuis, Joanna Clark, Joel Searcy, Juan Cisneros Neumann, Julia Frost, Juliane Drouin, Justine Crawford, Kady Chong, Kaitlin Sutherland, Karen Cattell, Karen Oliver, Karen Shangguan, Katherine Oughton, Kathleen Gros, Katie Jane Poetsch, Kay Slater, Kiera Castro, Kit Liu, Lauren Welland, Lauren Williamson, Leonie Wind, Lidia Cecilia Gonzalez, Lilian Sepulveda, Lori Smyrl, Luella Sun, Lyndsey Paramo, Mandy Lau, Marc Ramos, Maren Kathleen Elliott, Marie Joy Caldwell, Marielle Rosky, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Max Brown, Maya Schueller-Elemes, Megan Majewski, Melissa Chui, Mikaela Johanson, Mitch Tharp, Molly Gray, Nadia Baker, Natalia Murillo, Natalie Schnitter, Natasha Broad, Niki Papp, Nova Sawatzky, Olga Zakharova, Paula Sawadsky, Per Jonsson, Peter Ricq, Phy Woo, Piraba, Rachael Ashe, Rachel Jackson, Risa Hugo, Rosanna Chung, Rosaura Ojeda, Ryan Smith, Samantha Thomas, Sean Jackson, Sharman Prior, Sigrid Albert, Soda Leavey, Sophie Vandenbiggelaar, Steffi Lai, Sunny Shah, Taka Sudo, Tania Hennessy, Tarin Mead, Terera Munoz, Tiffany Zhong, Turtle Wayne, UNKY, Vicky Liu, Viela Hu, Vivian Dang, Wendy Ma, Wilson Hu, Wolfgang Neufeld, Yukiko Adachi, and Yulia Tsinko.

Inspired by the Post-It Show at Giant Robot. Thanks to 3M Canada for their support. Produced by Hot Art Wet City and The Arts Factory. Curated by Jeff Chiba Stearns and Flavia C.

Read about our show in The Runner and the Vancouver Courier.

Sticky Show
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