Social Yoga: The Storytelling Series
Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm
Jan 20, 27, Feb 3 & 10


The Social Yoga has married Ted Talks with your neighbourhood yoga class to produce The Storytelling Series ā€” an evening of stretching, strengthening, and socializing followed by an opportunity to hear from experts in Relationships, Money/ Finance, Adversity, & Creativity. Check out for more info (Advance registration required. Sorry, no drop-ins).

Social Yoga
HOT TALKS: Boyfriend
July 15, 2015


Radius Clause
Boyfriend attempts to measure the spaces between reality and it’s depictions. She’ll trace the radial line which spans the circular feedback loop of media consumption and individual action, looking at how depictions of love & sexuality are perpetuated and justified by mainstream messaging. More specifically, Boyfriend will discuss the motivations, inspirations and references behind her Love Your Boyfriend EP and the tools she used to communicate those ideas.

Rap Game Bette Midler. English Major Rap. Rap Cabaret. Boyfriend has garnered a collection of buzzy descriptors that attempt to summarize her particular brand of performance. But perhaps, like the Grand Canyon, Boyfriend is best witnessed in the flesh. Catch her at Pemberton Music Festival from July 16ā€“19, 2015.

Hot Talks: Boyfriend

HOT TALKS: Val & Arnt Arntzen
February 27, 2014


The Three Cā€™s: Collecting, Collaborating, and Creating


Valerie and Arnt Arntzen are a couple who have been together for 35 years and have worked in the creative field since the early 80s. They are both mad collectors of found objects: from helicopter wings to bedsprings. They love to re-use and appreciate the uniqueness of the objects as they already come with a story. Collaborating is an essential part of their relationship as husband and wife as well as artists. They have created a couple of pieces together. Their creativity is inspired by their surroundings, relationships with other artists, their art collection and studios.

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Arnt was born in 1958 and raised in North Vancouver, BC. Interest in metal began when building a 36 foot steel schooner in the backyard with his father. His first sculptures were created from the scrap pieces. Woodcraft and design developed through renovating vintage houses. The years from 1984 to 1987 were spent in Los Angeles turning his attention to furniture design. His major influences come from architecture, mid century modern furniture design, Frank Lloyd Wright, Frank Gehery, David Smith, Isamu Noguchi, Charles and Ray Eames, Gustav Stickley, Le Corbusier, George Nelson, C.R. Mackintosh and Phillipe Starck. His work has been in shows in California, New York and various galleries across Canada.

Valerie is an assemblage artist living and working in Vancouver and has been an artist for over 20 years. As she travels in different countries, she finds she needs to create art to continue her experience and memories of those places. Her assemblage pieces consist of found objects combined with her photographs and treasures collected during her travels. Once in the studio, she takes from my myriad of labeled boxes an object and combine it with other objects, text, photographs and usually constructed in a found box or frame to tell the story.

Val and Arnt Arntzen
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