Brandon Cotter

Interview with Vancouver artist and graphic designer Brandon Cotter
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Alice Vogelaar

Interview with Vancouver artist Alice Vogelaar
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Typography-as-art featuring Bennett Slater, Scott Sueme and Frazer Adams
January 9-25, 2014

Beyond the utilitarian use of letterforms, typography can be beautiful art. This show features typographic-based works from Bennett Slater, Scott Sueme, and Frazer Adams, plus guest artists Ben Knight, James Knight, Erin Gibbs, Brandon Cotter, Ali Bruce, and Rachael Ashe. Opening night included DJ N:coN Fiesere miese/berlin

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Bennett Slater is an illustrator and designer utilizing oil media on natural wooden surfaces. He is constantly searching to uncover the balances between the structured form we perceive logically, and the nostalgic flirtations we conjure internally. His work is partly influenced by the precise forms and soft palettes of the Baroque masters, and the bold geometric intensity of the Russian Avant-Garde and Futurism movements. This dichotomy of contrasting artistic disciplines and influences lends itself to the underlying dualities observed in his work.

Scott Sueme is an interdisciplinary artist combining design, painting, and graffiti. Scott’s interest in typography and design was influenced by his father’s work in the printing industry. Vancouver’s inner city landscape carved his interest in graffiti art, along with an eye out for graphics, logo design, and visual information. Particularly with graffiti, the diversity in letterforms and cultural meaning introduced a new world and a dynamic way to communicate. Scott attended Emily Carr University to study general fine arts and later began painting and creating graphics.

Frazer Adams is a Vancouver-based illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti artist. He wields a strong understanding of three dimensions and greatly values the precision, cleanliness and impact of vector graphics and typography. Though Frazer comes from a background in street art, he draws inspiration from images and ideas found in nature and the universe. Since graduation from the Capilano University IDEA Program, Frazer has expanded game art, user interface design, typography, and turntablism.

featuring toys by Colin Johnson and friends
December 5-21, 2013


Just in time for the holidays, toys, toys and more toys from Colin Johnson (The Woodbutcher), plus Noisy Bees, Cherry Thompson, Arlyn Bantog, Erin Gibbs, Kat Oughton, Melissa Soleski, Kirsty Senior, Carita Ho, Chris Brett, Russell Alton, Mandy Tsung, and Patrick Wong. Classic and modern wooden and vinyl toys, knit, crochet and sewn creatures, cool stuff for all ages!

Watch an interview with Colin Johnson:

garage sale

Garage Sale!
An art show featuring original art of 12 local artists under $100
PLUS discounts on back stock of working showing in the gallery!
November 28-30, 2013

Ever wonder what happens to artists work that doesn’t sell? Well, it fills the artist’s studio and home. Time for a GARAGE SALE! Viewing from Nov 28-30 with final sales at the party Saturday night! Sorry, no early birds. Cash only.

Artists include:
Andrea Hooge
Howard Penning
Charlene Vickers
Char Hoyt
Katie Wilson
Karin Vengshoel
Viktor Barkar
Shary Contrary
Cherry Thompson
Sean Karemaker
Mark Illing
Jackie Dives

Drew Young -- Give and Take
Give and Take: Works by Drew Young
November 22-30, 2013


A solo show by Drew Young featuring small experimental works on paper. Destruction and transposition are the crux for this series. Drew fractures his oil studies in order to force his figures into new and obscure contexts. He also draws from a bank of abstract marks to create balance between the erratically positioned subjects and the intangible.

Young has exhibited locally and internationally and been featured by Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, and BlueCanvas. He is also the curator and organizer for Snag, the worlds only weekly live-painting raffle.

Watch an interview with Drew Young:

Postcard Show V3

The Postcard Show: Volume 3
November 14-16, 2013

Paulina de la Paz and Nichole Kapalungan present the third volume of The Postcard Show, an exhibit showcasing contemporary art on postcards by over 50 established and emerging artists.

From the popularity of novelty shows, the Postcard Show was created in order to serve as a mobile medium creating a narrative through accessible and affordable art. Each postcard is made available to the public through a silent auction with an affordable minimum bid and a buyout bid in order to entice the audience to get involved in the business of art collecting.

Giving artists and the growing Vancouver art community a forum in which to display and enjoy diverse art from illustration, photography, textile work, painting to origami. See you at the Postcard Show Volume 3!

For more information please go to:
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Rebecca Chaperon

Interview with Vancouver painter and illustrator Rebecca Chaperon
MUSIC: “Elaines Over Here” by Pandacetamol

Danielle K L Anathema

Interview with Vancouver photographic artist Danielle K L Anathema. In a single frame, she creates an entire story… a horror story. If you’re sensitive to gore or nudity, viewer discretion is advised.
MUSIC: “Sprite Heart Bleeds No More” by Henry Homesweet

Hot Talks: Mark Busse

Hot Talks: Mark Busse
August 29, 2013


How engaging in creative leadership saved my career and life

Complaining about shit sometimes seems like a Vancouver pastime. I know I do it too. But I also try to invest my time, energy and creativity in as many causes as I can. And despite a fear of public speaking or being found out as a fraud, I force myself to say yes to nearly every scary opportunity that comes my way — like giving this Hot Talk for instance.

After studying art and business in university, I spent a decade of trying to break into and succeed in the design field. One day I found myself sitting in the audience of design association AGM, whining to the person beside me about the disorganization, the lack of participation, and terrible leadership being displayed. That person, who happened to be a very successful business owner, and one of the most active volunteers and philanthropists I know, turned to me and said “Mark, it’s time for you to shit or get off the pot” and went on to bluntly explain that if I wanted change, I should be the change. That if I wanted success, I should be the success. That if I felt the leadership and management of the organization wasn’t up to snuff, then I should stop bitching and put my hand up. So I did. Two years later I was the president. Two years after that I was representing Canada at the World Design Conference in Havana, Cuba.

I’ll tell a few stories about how diving into scaring situations where I didn’t know the way forward led to personal growth and personal moments of reinvention and reward. I’ll also examine a few of my recent projects and talk about they have served to motivate others in the creative community, creating a ripple effect the maximum benefit we’ve not yet experienced.

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Mark Busse is founding partner and managing director at Industrial Brand in Vancouver, BC where for the last 15 years he has successfully led clients to their business objectives through brand strategy, identity, communication and interactive design solutions. He invests time in his creative community as a teacher, advisor, mentor for design programs at VFS, Capilano & Langara and hosts creative events Likemind Vancouver, Interesting Vancouver and CreativeMornings/Vancouver. Busse is also a past president of the BC chapter of the Society of Graphic Designers of Canada and regular contributor to Design Edge Magazine. Busse is also a passionate cook and food fanatic and co-founder of the popular culinary blog, Busse also serves his community as a citizen member of the Engaged City Task Force in Vancouver, where he lives with his wife Andrea and dog Pepper.

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