Art by Char Hoyt & Stephen Wimbush
July 3-12, 2014

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s KA-POW!!! Stephen Wimbush and Char Hoyt are Vancouver painters exploring the comic book genre, deconstructing and re-shaping it into two compelling bodies of work. See photos of the work on Flickr >

Stephen Wimbush appropriates advertisements, panels and typefaces, emblazoning them in vivid oil paint, silkscreen, spray paint and marker. Stephen‘s visual style is at times chaotic with multiple stimuli and techniques, or intensely graphic with a singular focus. Stephen’s work embraces the nostalgia of the subject matter and contemporizes it with bold, innovative techniques.

Char Hoyt explores the space where comics and oil painting collide. Reviving favourite characters from her comic strip Assballs (Nerve Magazine 2002-2007) Char brings their sweet and twisted world to life in portrait paintings and collaged sketchbook drawings.

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