7th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and Tour
February 20 – March 8, 2014


The 7th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and Tour features international and local up-and-coming and legendary female pop artists working in female themes. Curated by Tart Arts (watch an interview with curator Nicole Steen below), the show celebrates seven years in 2014, beginning in Vancouver with an exhibit at Hot Art Wet City, the show will then travel to various US and Canadian cities throughout the year. Opening reception featured DJ Kookie.

Artists include:
Lisa Petrucci (Seattle)
Edith Lebeau (Montreal)
Kirsten Easthope (Denver)
Miss Meow (Vancouver)
Sara Ray (Los Angeles)
Holly Ruth Anderson (Vancouver)
Vicki M. (Vancouver)
Nicole Steen (Vancouver)
Paige Reynolds (Toronto)
Bonni Reid (Vancouver)
Emily Thomas (Toronto)
Iris Satijn (Amsterdam)
Lizzie Carr (Calgary)
Phresha Le Vandale (Vancouver)
Megan Besmirched (Chicago)
Kelly Haigh (Vancouver)
Jenn Brisson (Vancouver)
Avrell Fox (Nelson)
Emma Mount (Wimborne,UK)
Megz Majewski (Vancouver)
Redd Walitzki (Seattle)
Carol Nottingham (Victoria)

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