Quick & Dirty: Laura Bifano & Mike West
May 5–28, 2016


Quick & Dirty features a huge collection of tiny gouache studies created over the past year from Laura Bifano and Mike West. This show explores what happens when artists aren’t precious about their work and create for the sake of creating. Find the right little piece for your home at a great little price. See photos from the show on Flickr >

Laura Bifano

Laura Bifano grew up on the rainy pacific northwest of Canada where she spent her days running around in the forest and drawing pictures. Since graduating from the Alberta College of Art and Design in 2008, she has split her time between taking on the odd freelance contract, doing lots of fine arty things for galleries, and working on animated shows and feature films.

Mike West

Mike West is a Vancouver-based storyboard artist for My Little Pony, Rescue Bots, Pound Puppies and more!

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