Rape is Real and Everywhere: A Comedy Show
April 21, 2016


Rape jokes are everywhere. But who are the people telling them? Are they ever OK, let alone funny? What if the people telling rape jokes were survivors? Rape is Real and Everywhere is what happens when comedians who have survived rape share their experience and joke it out. Prepare yourself for hilarity, cathartic honesty and old-fashioned vulnerability. Produced by Heather Jordan Ross and Emma Cooper, hosted by Emma Cooper and featuring some of Vancouver’s best comedians including Vanessa Woznow, Mark Hughes, Tia Jeannette, Amanda Smith, Shane Clark and Jane Stanton. There’s a slick piece of East Van graffiti that, in elegant cursive, reads: “Rape is Real and Everywhere.” It is, and we can talk and joke about it openly, together.

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