featuring Shwa Keirstead & Mia Dungeon
October 29 – November 14, 2015


Featuring works from Shwa Keirstead and Mia Dungeon, Scare-city explores the realms of the “scarce” with particular reference to endangered animal species. It also looks at the notion of the “city” and the role that urban sprawl plays in impacting wild life. Plus, it’s Halloween, so it’s a little scary! See photos from the show on Flickr >

Shwa Keirstead depicts masses of mashed entities, a twisted outlook on modern life and surrealism style illustrations are his contribution to the world of art. Influenced greatly by cartoon culture, a draw to antique aged textures and traditional styles of line work. His artwork is a natural flow of his creative process and the characters/creatures show this through their expressions and tones.

Mia Dungeon‘s work explores life, death and the spaces in between, like the corners of your basement during a game of midnight hide-and-seek. The skulls and bones come from animals that died of natural causes and whose lives she honours with the utmost respect. Mia utilizes recycled materials, found objects and vintage jewelry to adorn these skulls in order to celebrate the delicate cycle of birth, death and the infinite unknown.

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