Hot Talks: Bruce Alcock
June 25, 2013

Your Self Out There:
Walking the spectrum from bullshit to truth in the creative life

From waiting tables to making art to advertising Coca-cola, Bruce Alcock looks over the last 25 years to examine who he is when he’s at home, or at a meeting table, or managing staff, or standing up and talking to a group of people in a gallery. Is client interaction performance, or are you simply who you are? In this age of digital self-representation, does your private identity change to sync with your public identity? The Onion’s headline “I am a Brand, Pathetic Man Says” points to empty self-representation, but any time you put yourself out there, you’re creating a persona that reflects your assumptions about the people you’re talking to, or working for, or just passing time with. From small talk (excruciating) to work talk (boring?) to letting out your inner beast, or weenie, or feather boa, what’s real and what’s not, what works, and what can you live with?

Bruce also posted the transcript to his talk here >

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As Creative Director of Global Mechanic, Bruce Alcock supervises all commercials and TV series made by the studio, including shows for PBS and the Cartoon Network. He has made over 500 TV commercials and award winning campaigns for clients like Coca-Cola, Bank of America, Molson, Kraft, Chrysler, Bell, and Proctor & Gamble. Bruce’s short films have competed at Sundance, TIFF and other festivals worldwide. He is currently in co-production with the NFB on a stereoscopic drawing short with writer Ed Riche, and exploring new mediums in 3D Projection Mapping for large commercial clients.

Bruce Alcock
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