Great White North
A group art show tribute to 80s Canadiana
Wednesday June 19 – Saturday July 13, 2013


Hey hoser, check out this art show, eh? Bob and Doug McKenzie, SCTV, stubby bottles, the CBC, Littlest Hobo, Friendly Giant, Kids in the Hall, Canadian Heritage Moments, Terry Fox, David Suzuki, Expo 86… the list goes on. “Great White North” features art inspired by Canadian pop-culture from the 1980s. So put on your toque, fry up some back bacon, and check out some art at Hot Art Wet City, just in time for Canada Day. Artists include: Andrea Hooge, ARGH!!, Chris Bentzen, Brent Clowater, David Stein, DEDOS, Edward Juan, Norma Jean Harvey, Exploding Haggis, Sharon Piekarski, Shary Contrary, Sheri¬†Alexander, and Alice Vogelaar.

The show also features a mini show-within-a-show called “Stubbies” featuring the art of 12 local artists on retro stubby beer bottles. Each bottle is only $80. Artists include: Dacosta!, Frazer Adams, Matt Bowen, Jenn Brisson, Ali Bruce, Erin Gibbs, Christyn M Hall, Andrea Hooge, Sean Karemaker, Colin Moore, Peter Ricq, and Alison Woodward.

Check out photos from the show here >

Special thanks to Cariboo Brewing for their support and for bringing local artist Soak out to live paint on opening night!
Cariboo Brewing

Great White North
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