Bowie: Pop Culture Icon

Someone asked me recently, “Why Bowie? Why an art show about Bowie?” My response? “Well, it’s not just an art show about David Bowie, it’s Bowie portrayed as a superhero…” because that’s what he is to so many people. And today I found out just how important Bowie is:

Bowiefest is the UK’s first film fest dedicated to David Bowie the actor. The festival includes 3 days of film screenings, talks, and Q&A’s. If I was in London from August 31-September 2, 2012, I’d be at this festival.

Tilda Stardust, the other Bowie-related fan site I found, is also about actress Tilda Swinton. This site, through photographic evidence, claims Tilda and David Bowie are, in fact, the same person. At the very least, Tilda Stardust has a great collection of Bowie pics.

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