Teenage Dirtbag with Jacob Samuel
June 18, 2016


Hosted by stand-up comic and New Yorker cartoonist Jacob Samuel, comedians explore the follies of youth. This month’s dirtbags are: Kate Belton, Chris Griffin, Gavin Matts and Victoria Banner.

Teenage Dirtbag
Kevin Banner and Friend. (and Kyle Bottom)
June 17, 2016


Local pro-wrestling enthusiast and stand-up comedian Kevin Banner is recording his first comedy album at The Comedy Mix July 7–9… but before he does that he’s coming to Hot Art Wet City to run through the material. Joining him will be local dynamos Kyle Bottom and Sophie Buddle. This is guaranteed to be a great show (not “money back” guaranteed, more like, we’re super confident you’ll enjoy yourselves).

kevin banner
Questionable Answers
June 11, 2016


Gavin Matts hosts Questionable Answers, a panel show where comedians Sophie Buddle, Darcy Michael, and Kyle Bottom take part in discussions, trying to answer and wrap their heads around some of the internet’s most “out there” questions.

Questionable Answers
Graham Clark presents…
The Cake Show!
June 10, 2016


Like cakes? Pictures of cake and videos related to cake and stories about cake. And… real cake! Graham Clark presents… The Cake Show! Guests Sophie Buddle and Alicia Tobin.

graham clark's cake show
Kyle Bottom’s Comedy Bucket
June 4, 2016


Comedy Bucket is the show that gives you a different look at some of your favourite performers. We throw the prepared material out and bring you comics in their most vulnerable state… making it up as they go. A bucket of audience suggestions fuels this comedy riffing roller coaster. It’s intimate, unique, and not to be missed. Guests Jacob Samuel, Mark Chavez, Taz Van Rassel, and Charlie Demers!

Comedy Bucket
Teenage Dirtbag with Jacob Samuel
May 28, 2016


Hosted by stand-up comic and New Yorker cartoonist Jacob Samuel, comedians Jenny Toews, Levi McCachen, Alain Williams, and John Cullen explore the follies of youth.

Teenage Dirtbag
Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw with Me
May 27, 2016


Join comedian Alicia Tobin and her special guests Brad Dorion, Ben Mills and Erica Sigurdson for an evening of drawings, laughings, sharings (not too much sharing) huggings (no way, gross), marker sniffing, and friendships. Part comedy show, part art class… well, probably not. No talent required. Supplies provided. Fun times always had. Come draw with us!

Come Draw with Me
Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School
featuring Dezi Desire
May 17, 2016


Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is what happens when a simple question is asked: why can’t figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join us on the third Tuesday of the month at Hot Art Wet City for 3 hours of drawing and decadence! drsketchyvancouver.com for more info. Join the Dr Sketchy’s Facebook page to keep up to date and see pics >

Dezi Desire
Vancouverite: A Comedy Show
May 14, 2016


Brent Constantine and Amber Harper-Young present a comedy show featuring some of the city’s best local comedians’ stories about Vancouver, adjusting to life here, and leaving home. Guests this month include Andrew McLachlan, Ross Dauk, Stuart Jones, Alex Biron, Graham Clark and Jane Stanton!

Graham Clark presents… INSTAGRAHAM
May 13, 2016


Take a tour through comedian Graham Clark and friend’s Instagram accounts. An experimental free-wheeling evening of comedy based on the best app around.

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