Process Colour
August 14-30, 2013


An exhibition of local independent comic creators and their [artistic/production] processes, demonstrating a variety of approaches to taking a story from initial concept to finished artwork. Included book release and signing for Tony Cliff’s “Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant” on Friday August 30. The show featured Tony Cliff, Rebecca Dart, Simon Roy, and Brandon Graham.

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Tony Cliff is a born-and-raised Vancouverite and a 12-year veteran of the local animation industry. His first major graphic novel, DELILAH DIRK AND THE TURKISH LIEUTENANT, is a critically-acclaimed historical tale of action and adventure. His work has been nominated for Harvey, Doug Wright, and Will Eisner awards. Find him Internetting at

Rebecca Dart is a cartoonist and animation designer living in Vancouver. Creator of the comic RabbitHead (2006) which appeared in America’s Best Comics of that year. Currently working on her first full length graphic novel “Battle Kittens” about barbarian women that ride giant kittens in an unforgiving world. You can check out art from this as well as other kitty comics at

Simon Roy is a cartoonist and illustrator from Victoria, BC. He came onto the comics scene in 2009 with the critically acclaimed sci-fi comic “Jan’s Atomic Heart”, and has been working on a wide range of projects since. He’s currently drawing and co-writing the Eisner Award nominated series “Prophet” for Image Comics with Brandon Graham. His work can be found at

Brandon Graham was born in December of 1976, the grandson of pin-up artist Bill Randall. He grew up in Seattle around a lot of graffiti and comics. he managed to get his first comic published at the age of 19. He’s been honing his craft ever since. He lives in Vancouver BC, with his partner Marian Churchland (author of Image comic Beast), where he spends his days creating comics. He divides his time between his own series Multiple Warheads and writing and occasionally drawing for the Image series Prophet.

Watch interviews with Tony Cliff and Rebecca Dart below:

Process Colour

Jordan Turner

An interview with Vancouver artist, curator, teacher, creator of The Free Print Show and member at the Gropps Gallery Jordan Turner

Find out more about the Free Print Show and the Gropps Gallery

MUSIC: “40 Degrees” by Ergo Phizmiz

Alison Woodward

An interview with Vancouver illustrator Alison Woodward.

MUSIC: “FB-01_#2” by Christian Bjoerklund

Sean Karemaker

An interview with Vancouver visual & comic artist Sean Karemaker

MUSIC: “5” by Christian Bjoerklund

Nomi Chi

Happy new year! Let’s start 2013 off with Vancouver illustrator and tattoo artist Nomi Chi. Nomi’s been tattooing since she was 15 years old. Now in her 20s, she also attends Emily Carr University for illustration.

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Robin Thompson

An interview with illustrator and instructor Robin Thompson

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Hot One Inch Action in Vancouver

Hot One Inch Action at Hot Art Wet City Pop-Up Gallery on Saturday October 27, 2012. The trading was hot at the button show as costumed party-goers filled the gallery for the 9th annual event. Despite the rain, there was a line-up to get in and JJ’s Trucketeria outside serving up delicious food to keep people happy.

Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of button art and social interaction from Vancouver, BC, with the tiny art of fifty different artists reproduced on one inch buttons. These limited edition buttons are displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy randomly selected buttons in mixed bags of five for $5. Didn’t get the button you want? Trade with the people around you… how bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts.

MUSIC: “Blackout” by Amoeba Men

Russell Alton dropped off some pieces for the Lebowski Show

via Instagram

via Instagram

via Instagram

Thanks Russell for submitting these 3 great pieces for the show. See them in person this Friday September 21 at 752 E Broadway.


Interview with Vancouver illustrator, toy designer & “character IP developer” Dacosta!
MUSIC: “Weekend Amnesia” by Revolution Void

Kiki Falconer

Interview with Vancouver illustrator Kiki Falconer
MUSIC: “Oval” by Mattisson
INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar
VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen

Kiki talks about why she’s moving to New York… but why she’ll come home to Vancouver:

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