HOT TALKS: Miranda Lievers
August 21, 2014


The Art of Pinterest-Perfect:
A talk on learning by doing, and never assuming that you can’t

In a world where we’re inundated with Pinterest-perfect snapshots of seemingly impeccably executed culinary adventures, craft projects, and even home renovations, it’s enough to assume that everyone else has got this already and that you should probably just stay in bed. Not often perfect (but usually close enough), the “sure why not?” approach can lead to a funny story, a new skill, and the courage to say yes again. As someone without that voice in the back of my head telling me I can’t do something, my initial response is most typically along the lines of “how hard can it be?!” Turns out, it’s usually the right call. Join me in a conversation about trying anything once, even when logic might suggest that something is probably better left to the experts! 30 minute talk followed by Q&A.

Miranda Lievers is a Railtown based entrepreneur with a passion for all things small business and DIY. After jumping ship from her fast-track corporate life, she dove head on into the photography studio she started with her husband Reilly. Now in their 11th year, her company Blue Olive Photography has earned countless accolades including being named among the most inspiring photographers in Canada and the best wedding photographers in Vancouver a few years in a row. Outside of running her studio, Miranda can usually be found throwing parties to connect like-minded people, chasing after her busy toddler, or getting way too excited about the next project she’s about to tackle.

Miranda Lievers
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