The 15th Annual
October 20, 2018
at Arts Factory


The 15th annual AND FINAL button show in Vancouver was October 20 at the Arts Factory (281 Industrial Avenue). Buy, collect and trade the art of fifty artists reproduced on one inch buttons. Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of art and social interaction from Vancouver, BC. Tiny art on limited edition one inch buttons and sold in random packs of five for $5. Didn’t get the button you want? Trade with the people around you… how bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts.

ARTISTS: Aaron Gillingham, Airesse MacPhee, Andrea Hooge, Andrea Walters , Angela Bueckert , Angela Gooliaff, Annie Hung, Arinn Westendorf, Caprice White, Carelle B Dunn, Celina Dasneves, Chelsea Ker, Christian Yanez, Christine Wei , Colleen McDole, Crissy Arseneau, DanOddity, Debbie Alvarado , Dezi Raider, Flavia, Graham Peterson, Indy, Jay Lyonns, Jenn Brisson, Jennifer Chernecki, Joanne White, Justine Crawford, Karla Monterrosa-Morales, Katherine Oughton, Kathy van Gogh, Kyle Ferguson, Lisa Lee, Maggie Chan, Mandy Lau, Maria Asselin-Roy & Dany Yannece, Marina LeClair, Mark Klotz, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Megan Majewski, Robert Nicol, Rory O’Sullivan, Rose B, Russell Alton, Sára Molčan, Sherri Rogers, Steffi Lai, Sulan Cang, Vicki Lynn Rae, Vincent Truitner, and Yukiko Adachi.

Hot One Inch Action
The 10th and FINAL
Trading Card Art Show
May 26, 2018
at The Arts Factory


The creators of Hot One Inch Action present the 10th and FINAL CARDED! on Saturday May 26 from 7–11pm at The Arts Factory in Vancouver. Art from 50 local artists reproduced on trading cards and made available for art lovers to buy, collect, and trade. Check out what’s available on the wall and then buy random cards in mixed packs of five for $5. Want a specific card? Trade for it! How bad do you want that card!? ONE NIGHT ONLY! Free to attend! for complete details.

Artists: Ben Worth, Cameron Hicks, Cameron Wilson, Celina Dasneves, Clem Chen, Darcy Dee, Darren LeBeuf, David Camisa, David Righton, Eric Millar, Erika de Canella, Exploding Haggis, Flavia, Gabrielle Ng, Hanna Lee Joshi, James Maxwell, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Jemma Titheridge, Jenn Brisson, John Guy, John Shigeta, Josue Menjivar, Juliana Vieira, Ken Rolston, Laura Bonnie McIntosh, Laura de Pascale, Madison Reid, Mandy Lau, Marina LeClair, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Mike West, Mo Sherwood, Mouthbrooder, Murphy Phelan, Olivia Di Liberto, Phresha, Robert Nicol, Samantha Morales, Serena Bon-Binky, Shary Contrary, Shimona Slomowitz, Simon Lam, Stacey Hamilton, Steffi Lai, Syd Danger, Tony Rodriguez, Trina Forrest, Vincent Truitner, Yukiko Adachi, and Zara Alfonso.

Hot Art Wet City presents
The 5th Annual
Sept 28–Oct 1, 2017
at The Gallery of BC Ceramics


Hot Art Wet City’s annual immature nude art show Boobies & Wieners is back for a fifth, filthy year. This time, we’re partnering with The Gallery of BC Ceramics (1359 Cartwright St, Vancouver) for a quickie weekend show on Granville Island. As always expect to see the walls filled with explicit art from over 50 of the best and dirtiest Vancouver-based artists. From the crass to the cartoonish, there’s sure to be something sexy to appeal to you. Join us at the opening reception on Thursday September 28 from 6pm to see the provocative work and meet some of the hot artists. The show only runs through the weekend, so don’t by shy—even though viewer discretion is advised.

Artists include: Aaron White, Alex Stewart, Annie Weber, Ash McGregor, AT Originals, Becca Lowe, Ben Everyman, Cade Cran, Calvin Bradbury, Carlan Hughes, Carmen Bright, Cathleen Chow, Charlie Labelle, Chloe Scarfo, Chris Bentzen, Chris Watson, DanOddity, Dave Stanway, Dave Stewart, Devi Warchild, Dezi Raider & Dark Cell Photography, Dionne Ong, Divya Nanray, Eileen Harder, Emma Lehto, Flavia C, Haley Perry, Harley Munsie, Holly Winters, Isadora Rodrigues, Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jeff Porter, Jemma Titheridge, Jessica Blaquiere, Kacia Lee, Karla Monterrosa, Kat Hirsch, Katherine Wilson, Kathleen McGiveron, Kimberley Howie, Kirsten Hatfield, Lara Hjorthoy, Laurel Thomson, Lilly Rose Smith, Lucy Stainsby, Lukas Grajauskas, Lyndsey Paramo, Madeleine Sava, Mandy Lau, Maria Batista, Marina LeClair, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Megan Channell, Meghan West, Michael Abraham, Mika Senda, Mike West, Nahanni McKay, Nicholas Frenette, Nicole Paluck, Nikki McLaren, Nikki Pecasso, Pamm Fournier, Patrick Takata, Payal Bansal, Peg Leg, Pifa Alarcon, Pink Swami, Rosaura Lezama, Rosie Schinners, Sam Peachie, Samantha Gill, Samantha Thomas, Shahla Bozorgzadeh, Shary Contrary, Simone Ip, Steffi Lai, Sunny Go, Suzy F, Tayt Modern, The Human Prism, Valerie Oba, Valerya Nyukalova, Vladimir Kolosov, William Liao, Wren Bruce, and Yuki Cormier.

The 4th Annual
“Four Play”
October 7–29, 2016


Our annual dirty and immature nude art show Boobies + Wieners returns for a fourth year! “Four Play” features Serena Bon-Binky, Gwen D’arcy, Vince Hemingson, Erica Lapadat-Janzen, Gordana Ristic, Aleshia St Cyr, Pandora Young and Nikki Pecasso. Plus, submissions from Aimee Young, Alan Jacques, Alex Stewart, Amelia Smart, Anita Rudakov, Becca Williams, Ben Everyman, Brenna Mackinder, Bret Taylor, Bronwyn Schuster, Cayley Carlson, Chris Bentzen, Christina Wightman, Corinne Leroux, Daniel Audet, Daniel Duncan, Divya Nanray, ER Gott, Flavia, Jean-Paul Langlois, Jennifer Chernecki, Jesse Davidge, Jessica Blaquiere, Jillian Evin, Jim Hoehnle, Jon Gant , Katy Springer, Kay Slater, Kelly Baker, Kimberley Howie, Kirsten Hatfield, Lara Hjorthoy, Maddy Gill, Mandy Lau, Marina LeClair, Mark Konytowski, Meaghan Iverson, Nigel Elliot, Oliver Harley Munsie, Sara Molcan, Sara Wilson, Sean Moxley, Shampoo, Shary Contrary, Sherri Hodder, Sofia Hellstadius, Stéphanie Gagné, Susanna Leu, Tayt Modern, Tim Bauer, Violet Patrich & Siena Locher-Lo, and Zox Svetorovich.

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In addition to the main show, we’re hosting mini-exhibit Art or Bust. Curated by artist Jenn Brisson, breast casts of nine breast cancer survivors are turned into works of art for a silent auction. 100% of funds raised go to Rethink Breast Cancer. Artists: Diego Pacheco, Jenn Brisson, Morgane Billault, Kinsey Deakin, Mia Dungeon, Evie Katevatis, J Lord-Purcell, Ivan Louey, and Bronwyn Schuster.

Flyer art by Nikki Pecasso

Nikki Pecasso

Hot Talks: Tod Seelie
July 22, 2014

Tod Seelie loves New York, but not the version depicted in postcards. His city is an underground haven for people at society’s edges, people who come alive at night, who make music and art and noise and mess; punk bands and bike parades, abandoned spaces and skeezy clubs, junk-filled lots and sketchy streets, his book Bright Nights is a startlingly beautiful collection of images capturing a gritty culture that belies the city’s glamorous persona. Interspersed throughout the book are texts from Seelie’s friends and fellow artists, along with an introduction by Jeff Stark, editor of the iconic alternative events e-mail list Nonsense NYC. At this Hot Talk, you’ll see photos from his book, hear the stories that went in to the creation and what was going on behind the scenes, and a bit about Tod’s process.

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Tod Seelie has photographed in over 25 countries on five different continents. Originally from Cleveland, he relocated to Brooklyn in 1997. Tod was a founding member of The Miss Rockaway Armada, and continued on to travel by raft with both manifestations of the Swimming Cities. His work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, Stern Magazine, TIME Magazine, New York Magazine, Rolling Stone, Spin, Juxtapoz, Thrasher, Vice, Der Speigel and ARTnews among others. His images also appear in the feature films Perfect Sense (2011) and Empire Me (2011). Tod has exhibited work in solo and group shows around the world and at Mass MoCA and the Philadelphia Art Alliance. His work has also appeared in photography and art books, such as The Vice Photo Book, Hijacked, Swoon, Street World and Backyard Shakedown. In 2013 Tod published his first book of photography, BRIGHT NIGHTS: Photographs of Another New York, with Prestel Publishing. The book chronicles 15 years of living and shooting in NYC, with 10 essays by fellow collaborators and cultural observers.

Tod Seelie

Katie Huisman

Interview with Vancouver photographer Katie Huisman
MUSIC: “Paint the Land” by House of Rain

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Angela Fama

Interview with Vancouver artist and photographer Angela Fama. Angela talks about the walls we put up around ourselves, her project Mirrorface, and her experience as a photographer.
MUSIC: “Fluffier Inside” by Pandacetamol

Danielle K L Anathema

Interview with Vancouver photographic artist Danielle K L Anathema. In a single frame, she creates an entire story… a horror story. If you’re sensitive to gore or nudity, viewer discretion is advised.
MUSIC: “Sprite Heart Bleeds No More” by Henry Homesweet

Trevor Jansen

An interview with Vancouver visual media strategist (and photographer) Trevor Jansen

MUSIC: “Lakitu” by Kupa

Nicole Dextras

An interview with Vancouver artist Nicole Dextras

MUSIC: “River Spot” by Kumon Plaza

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