An Art Show Tribute to your Favourite 4-Letter Word
February 15-17, 2013

A post-Valentine’s Day tribute to your favourite 4-letter word. This art show featured typographic and visual representations and interpretations of the F-word. Fuck you, fuck off, get the fuck outta here, what the fuck, wanna fuck, fuckin eh, fucker, fuuuuuck, f-u-c-k, eff, ah fuck, oh fuck, fuck art, let’s fuck… Viewer discretion is advised. This was also the final show at the pop-up space. Check out the photos on Flickr >

Artists include:
Ali Bruce, Amber Boorman, ARGH!!, Arlin ffrench, Ash Tanasiychuk, Audra Ann Ricketts, Brandon Cotter, Brendan Ellis, Bri Harrison, Caprice White, Carmen Leah, Chelsea Lawrick, Chris Bentzen, Clem Chen, Cole Nowicki, Colin Johnson, Colleen Conroy, Emma Lehto, Erin Gibbs, ESM Artificial, Far Sebastian, Howard Penning, Ilysia Van Deren, Jamil Keyani, Janna Hurtzig, JC, Jeff Mair, Jolene Harrison, Kelly Constabaris & Michael Rohaly, Kirsty Senior, Kristel Saan, Lindsay Chetek & Nicolas Lypowy, Lydia Fu, Mandy Lau, Megan McFarlen, Neal E Nolan, Patrick Donovan, peg.leg, Peter Lojewski, Polly Nomial, Russell Alton, Scott Peace-Miller, Sean Karemaker, Toby Evans, and Zack Ingram.


FK IT DUDE (mostly) opening night video

Here’s a little video (mostly) from opening night of FK IT DUDE: an art show that really ties the room together. All the art is inspired by the 1998 Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. It ran from September 21-30, 2012. More details here >

MUSIC: “All You Fascists Bound To Lose” by Woody Guthrie
Poorly shot and edited by Chris Bentzen

HAWC Pop-Up Gallery Signs Up

Put the signs up today for the Hot Art Wet City Pop-Up Gallery. Now on to the inside. Holes are filled so next is primer, paint, some lighting changes, build a moveable wall, a lock on the storage room… gallery opens 2 weeks from tomorrow on September 21. 752 E Broadway in Vancouver.

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