Shed yr skin
New works from Nomi Chi
November 3–26, 2016


In Nomi Chi’s first solo exhibition, Shed yr skin features a new collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures primarily depicting chimeric, sometimes monsterous figures struggling with themselves or otherwise interacting with each other as well as other creatures inhabiting fictitious landscapes. Themes of transformation, desire, and death, and sex are manipulated and explored with an air of humour, as images hint at a broader narrative beyond the picture frame. In addition, Shed yr skin marks a considered departure from Chi’s work previous to their BFA completion: with a new focus on feminist concerns, Chi intends to toy with the idea of female figuration within nature, specifically in relation to the history of visual arts and illustration.

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Nomi Chi is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose primary practice engages with the visual lexicon of illustration and tattoo. Images within Chi’s painting and drawing practice seek a heightened sense of emotive drama, often utilizing animal and human figures, in varying degrees of fictitious construction, as stand-ins for personal experiences and observations on human nature. With seven years of professional tattoo experience, they have achieved a well-established international tattoo career. Nomi Chi graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2015 with a BFA in illustration. They have participated in gallery exhibitions throughout Canada, the US and parts of Europe.

Nomi Chi
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