Comics on Comics
June 27, 2014

Vancouver comedians tear through old, awful and forgotten comic books at Hot Art Wet City! Hosted by Brent Constantine, the panel features Brad Dorion, Stuart Jones, Warren Bates, Ed Witty, Shane McLean, Chip Ellis, Alex Sparling and Lauren McGibbon. Watch as they make fun of terrible comic books, live, on stage.

Comics on Comics

Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
with Special Comedic Guests Sophie Buddle, Ivan Decker & Graham Clark
May 23, 2014

Come Draw With Alicia Tobin and get some of her patented* comedic critique of your 5-minute drawings (*not actually patented). Then enjoy the stand-up comedy of her special comedic guests Sophie Buddle, Ivan Decker & Graham Clark. Come draw with us! Supplies provided. No talent necessary. Another sold out show!

Come Draw With Me

The Seventh Annual CARDED!
April 11, 2015


Buy, collect and trade the art of fifty artists reproduced on trading cards. Sold in mixed packs of five random cards for $5. Want a specific card? Trade with the other people at the party! How bad do you want it?! To see art from past shows and for more info go to

Artists: Andrea Hooge, Adam de Souza, Amy Tom, Andrew Ferneyhough, Anne Emberline, Ben Worth, Cang Nguyen, Carelle B Dunn, Char Hoyt, Chelsea O’Byrne, Christel Chan, Cole Pauls, David Vegt, Donna Cowan, Earthstar Jai Smith, Exploding Haggis, Flavia C, Francis Bantayen, Ivan Louey, Jackie Dives, Jacqueline Simpson, Jenn Brisson, Jessica Blaquiere, John Shigeta, Joni Taylor, Julie Ehrmantraut, Kathryn Mussallem, Ken Rolston, Kristi Pereira Newton, Laura Zerebeski, Lori Dean Dyment, Lydia Fu, Lynn Skordal, Megan Majewski, Mia Dungeon, Mika Senda, MW Bowen, Nancy Vo, Nicole Standard, Nigel Davis, Paul Antony Carr, Paul-Hope, Rachel Wada, Savannah Tait, Serena Inman, Shary Contrary, Stu Popp, Vicki Lynn Rae, William Weird, and Wren Bruce.

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The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show & Tour
April 8-10, 2015

Tart Arts presents The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and tour features over 20 international contemporary female pop artists whose work features the female or feminine in form. Small works include originals, illustrations and framed signed prints. This cross border show tours throughout the year to Canadian and US cities.

Artists include Jenn Brisson, Pilar Alvarez, Vicki M, Nicole Steen, Kirsten Easthope, Saray Ray, Emily Thomas, Candy Weil, Alexis Martinez, Christina Christie, Megz Majewski, Holly Anderson, Emma Mount, Bonni Reid, Shary Contrary, Megan Besmirched, Andrea Tucker, Phresha Le Vandale, Kelly Haigh & Sunny Buick

See photos of the show on Flickr >

Art by Megan Majewski

Vancouverite: A comedy show
March 28, 2014

Amber Harper-Young and Brent Constantine bring you very funny stories about what adjusting to Vancouver has been like, told to you by some of the best Vancouver comedians including Ben Mills, Brad Dorion, Alex Sparling, Jacob Samuel, and Randee Newmeyer.

MARCH 13 – APRIL 2, 2015


A tribute art show to a Canadian icon as he celebrates his 79th birthday and enters his 80th year. This show features art celebrating the man, the myth, the legend, our environmental hero, David Suzuki! If anyone deserves a little celebrity treatment and fan-fare, it’s this tireless academic and activist. Artists include Adam Cramb, Alexandra Swistak, Amanda Haw, Amber Solberg, Amy Tom, Caroline Dahlmanns, Chris Bentzen, Ellen Scobie & Geemon Xin Meng, Eric Button, Erin Gibbs, Flavia C, Frances Cabahug, Fred Chevalier, Geemon Xin Meng, Helene Juzda, Holly Winters, Iris Yao, Joanne Go, Jody Jessop, Joe M.A.S.A.R.O. Gianoglio, John Shigeta, Joni Taylor, Joseph Wu, Kazimir Simpson, Kelly Baker, Lacey Williams, Mandy Lau, Marisa Pahl, Meaghan Kennedy, Melissa Eden, Melissa Thorpe, Natasha Vukovic, Pierre Castro, Riki Kuropatwa, Sheri Bakes, Sherri Rogers, Steve Rolston, Tamara Lauzon, Tayt Modern, Thalia Antonio, & Zargome. See photos from the show on Flickr >

Thanks to Greystone Books.
Greystone Books

Expo Suzuki by Chris Bentzen

by Sherri Rogers

It’s a Sheep Show
February 19 – March 7, 2015


An art show celebrating the Lunar New Year; it’s the year of the sheep! This huge group show features over 90 artists with work inspired by sheep (or ram or goat), the moon, or both! You won’t have to count too many sheep to wait and see what the creative people of Vancouver come up with! See photos from the show and opening reception on Flickr >

Artists include Alexandra Swistak, Alison Cheung, Alison Woodward, Allison Koberstein, Amanda Niekamp, Amy Tom, Andrea Hooge, Anita Bhatia, ARGH!!, Ben Hawkins, Bronwyn Schuster, Caitlin McDonagh, Caroline Dahlmanns, Carrie McKellar, Char Hoyt, Chris Bentzen, Christel Chan, Christina James, Christina Ross, Ciara Prithipaul, Courtney Colbon, Darrien Pearce, Devin Rosychuk, Elaine Chen, Emily Szabo, Erin Gibbs, Flavia C, Heather Gilbraith, Heather Souliere, Jacquie Manning, Jacquie Rolston, Jane Q Cheng, Janice Cheng, Jay Brandsma, Jeff Wilson, Jenn Brisson, Jennifer Chernecki, Joanne Go, John Cusack, Joni Taylor, Josina de Brée, Jourdan Tymkow, Julio Cumana, Kaitlynn Rogers, Karla Monterrosa-Morales, Kathy Lea Moyou, Katy Springer, Kirsten Hatfield, Laara Cerman, Laura Jane, Lauren Carr, LJ Throstle, Lok-Him Fung, Luke Michael MacBain, Lyndsey Paramo, Mad Betty, Madeline Kloepper, Madeline Smith, Mandy Lau, Maria Keating , Mark “Atomos” Pilon, Matthew Osborn, Max Brown, Melissa Eden, Mindy Fraser, MinJoo Kim, Molly Applejohn, Nancy Henderson, Natalie Schnitter, Natasha Vukovic, Norman Yeung, Pandora Young, Payal Bansal, ponpon, Rachel Wada, Risa Hugo, Robin Sudbury, Robyn Marshall, Ryan Doub, Ryan Smith, Sandra Trubin, Sarah Keppler, Sawyer Anderson, Serena Inman, Shelley Rothenburger, Sheri Bakes, Susan Pearson, Tamara Lauzon, Vicki Lynn Rae, Wendy Sexsmith, Arthur Chen, and Zargome.

Art by Lok-Him Fung

featuring Meaghan Kennedy & Ali Bruce
January 29 – February 14, 2015

Old movies, soap operas, and sitcoms keep these artists company. Romance from daytime TV to the late night drive-in, onscreen couples inspire many of the good and bad habits we bring into relationships, or work hard to avoid mimicking, and some of them deserve to get hit over the head. We all know the feeling of being love sick—nothing else matters, you could get smashed in the head with a big stick and who even cares! So go on, hit them with your best shot. This show features pinatas by Meaghan Kennedy and art by Ali Bruce.

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Meaghan Kennedy made her first piñata over five years ago for a local cable access show, she immediately fell in love with the craft and left the world of high-end retail to pursue a whole new career as a professional piñata artist. Her one-of-a kind papier mache creations have been commissioned by clients around the world, and have been displayed in restaurants and art shows. Meaghan has been featured as an Artist in Residency for Pop Culture Activist Rusty Blazenhoff’s Electric Dreams Inbox Zine. She was also selected for the Interesting Vancouver speaker series at the Museum of Vancouver. Meaghan and her piñatas have been featured in GQ, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, CTV AM, Steele on Your Side (CTV News), Elle Canada , Vancouver is Awesome, and Ion Magazine.

Ali Bruce is an artist living and working on the east side of Vancouver. Her work is wavy and weird, inspired by illustration, street art, print and sign making. She has a growing interest in the city’s consistently changing creative spaces, its wide range of studios, variety of artists, and the co-cultural habits and lifestyles of people in general. Ali is from Kenora, Ontario which causes her to seek out the small town vibe within the “big” city. She has a BFA in visual art and is currently pursuing design.


Eros and Thanatos
Featuring Nomi Chi & Pandora Young
January 8-24, 2015


Eros and Thanatos, the life drive and the death drive. The impulses to east, kiss, play, love, and live, or to sleep, surrender, die, and rest. They embody our curious attraction to both creation and destruction. In this show, artists Nomi Chi and Pandora Young turn inwards and meditate upon our own antipodal desires, and the morbidity and splendour of our humanity. See photos from the show on Flickr >

Nomi Chi is a Vancouver-based artist currently juggling careers as a tattoo artist and a student. Her current focus is illustration, however her creative interests span indefinitely: she paints, tattoos people, sculpts and is even double-jointed.

Pandora Young is an illustrator living and working in beautiful Vancouver British Columbia Canada. She holds a degree in illustration from Emily Carr University of Art + Design (2014). Her favorite food is sushi, and her favorite hobby is taking naps.

Nomi and Pandora
Pandemonium: A Rain City Illustration Show
November 6-29, 2014


In 2010 Emily Carr University introduced its new illustration major, anticipating little interest. It received over one hundred applications for only twenty spots. All that passion gave rise to Rain City Illustration, by far the largest artist group at Emily Carr, which boasts over one hundred illustrators bringing a range of styles and visions from all over the world. The collective holds semi-annual gallery shows and events, aspiring to show Vancouver just how much talent this city has.

Artists for this show include Alana Palahnuk, Alice Cool, Andrew Tavukciyan, April Milne, Ben Hawkins, Charles Tan, Chelsea O’Byrne, Christel Chan, Ciara Prithipaul, Cole Pauls, Coral Patola, Dan Brown Hozjan, Daniela Ivanova, Darrien Pearce, Deniz Bilgin, Diane Quach, Eden Cooke, Flavia C, Francesca Ciccone, Francis Bantayen, Hayley Muir, Iris Yao, Jane Q Cheng, Jazz Groden-Gilchrist, Jesse Coons, Kaitlynn Rogers, Kathleen Gros, Kirsten Hatfield, KyuRi Lee, Lyndsey Paramo, Madeline Kloepper, Melissa Soleski, Michele O. Miguel, Min Joo Kim, Mint Sanpruksin, Natalie Schnitter, Rachel Wada, Tasli Shaw, Tim Bauer, & Yongming Xie.

See photos from the show on Flickr >

Image by Chelsea O’Byrne

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