The 14th Annual
Saturday October 21, 2017
at Arts Factory


The 14th annual Vancouver show, this time at Arts Factory (281 Industrial Avenue, Vancouver). Buy, collect and trade the art of fifty artists reproduced on one inch buttons. Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of art and social interaction from Vancouver, BC. Tiny art on limited edition one inch buttons and sold in random packs of five for $5. Didn’t get the button you want? Trade with the people around you… how bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts. Artists posted soon!

Artists: Aaron Gillingham, Amy Tom, Angela Ling, Annie Hung, Anthony Incardona, Brendan Doyle, Brittany Felberg, Cole Pauls, DanOddity, Deniz Bilgin, Dezi Raider, Dylan Moore, Flavia, Gabrielle Ng, Graham Peterson, Haley Perry, Jaclyn Lord-Purcell, Jason Beange, Jenn Brisson, Jenn Ivry, Jennifer Chernecki, Judy Hussein, Karen Shangguan, Karl Ventura, Katherine Oughton, Kelly Sun, Kendra Schellenberg, Kirsten Hatfield, Mandy Lau, Marina LeClair, Mark Atomos Pilon, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Matty Vu, Megan Majewski, Mel Levrault, Mettlelurgy, Mika Senda, Mike West, Mo Sherwood, Morgane Billault, Nadia Baker, Nancy Vo, Robin Thompson, Sean Moxley, seeLouise, Serena Chu, Steele Duncan, Trevor Jansen, Vincent Truitner, and Yukiko Adachi.

Hot One Inch Action
Down the Eerie Path
featuring Kristian Adam, Russell Alton,
Flavia Chan & Megan Majewski
October 13–November 11, 2017
at Makerlabs


The night has fallen and you find yourself on a misty, unfamiliar path. The wind howls, you hear the growls beasts and shrieks of ghouls in the dark. Behold the hellish creatures and creepy nightmares that await you within the shadows. Come see what the four local artists encountered on their spooky adventure down the eerie path. Featuring Kristian Adam, Russell Alton, Flavia Chan and Megan Majewski. At Makerlabs.

Down The Eerie Path
Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw with Me
March 17, 2017


Join comedian Alicia Tobin and her special guests Ryan Williams, Randee Neumeyer and Charlie Demers for the last Come Draw with Me, an evening of drawings, laughings, sharings (not too much sharing) huggings (no way, gross), marker sniffing, and friendships. Part comedy show, part art class… well, probably not. No talent required. Supplies provided. Fun times always had. Come draw with us!

Come Draw with Me
Funnier People
March 16, 2017


Alicia Tobin presents comedians who are funnier than her. Like, way funnier. Guests Jenny Toews, Kathleen McGee, Emmett Hall & Amy Goodmurphy, Kevin Lee, Aaron Read, and Katie Ellen Humphries.

Funnier People
Vancouverite: A Comedy Show
March 11, 2017


Brent Constantine and Amber Harper-Young host a comedy show featuring some of the city’s best local comedians’ stories about Vancouver, adjusting to life here, and leaving home. Guests Sophie Buddle, Mark Nesbitt, Jacob Samuel, Jane Stanton, and Levi McCachen.

Graham Clark presents…
This Is The End
March 10, 2017


Graham Clark presents… This Is The End. This is Graham’s final show at HAWC. We’re not entirely sure what he’s doing but it’s SOLD OUT and there’s NO REFUNDS so it doesn’t really matter. He’ll likely show pictures and clips he found on the Internet and a best-of from his past shows. His guests are Sophie Buddle and Aaron Read.

This Is The End
JFL Northwest presents
Teenage Dirtbag with Jacob Samuel
February 25, 2017


Comedians explore the follies of youth. Teenage Dirtbag combines hilarious self-deprecating jokes with the magic of Microsoft PowerPoint. Hosted by stand-up comic and cartoonist Jacob Samuel with guests Paul Anthony, Jenny Toews, Aaron Read, Maddy Kelly, Ryan Gunther and Ivan Decker.

Teenage Dirtbag
JFL Northwest presents
Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw with Me
February 24, 2017


Join comedian Alicia Tobin and her special guests Fatima Dhowre, Ryan Gunther and Jane Stanton for an evening of drawings, laughings, sharings (not too much sharing) huggings (no way, gross), marker sniffing, and friendships. Part comedy show, part art class… well, probably not. No talent required. Supplies provided. Fun times always had. Come draw with us!

Come Draw with Me
Bad People: Portraits of the Punishable
featuring Phantoms in the Front Yard
March 2–18, 2017


In our fantasies and our phobias. Onto our streets and into our mirrors. Down our alleys and our angers, under our bridges and our skins. In the prisons we fear and the cells we can’t escape.

Bad people.

Celebrating the final exhibition at Hot Art Wet City, Phantoms in the Front Yard reveal their dirty little pictures.

Come see the worst, the naughtiest, the darkest, the damnedest, the shady, the skittish, the last and the least, yourself. We know you’ll take a thing or two away. With miniature pieces and their miniature prices, it may even be some art. Miniature works from $250–600.

Phantoms Members: Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Andrea Hooge, James Knight, Paul Morstad, Jay Senetchko, Jonathan Sutton & Caroline Weaver.

With guests: Matt Bowen, David Haughton, Norman Yeung, Sara Khan, Ilya Viryachev, Maria Margaretta and Taizo Yamamoto. Curated by: Pennylane Shen.

Click her to see photos from the show on Flickr >

Michael Abraham began his studies in life drawing and compositional painting at the Ontario College of Art (1984-88). His personal coups have included sold out shows and shining reviews in the Vancouver Sun. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions, including at the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles, and Gallery Jones in Vancouver. He has also won numerous awards, including his recent title of Senior Signature Status SFCA, in recognition of Extraordinary Achievement in the field of Visual Fine Arts.

Having studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School, Jay Senetchko apprenticed under Gideon Flitt for three years, and Odd Nerdrum for one. He has exhibited extensively in both group and solo contexts in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Berlin. Jay Senetchko also teaches film, painting, and drawing at Vancouver Film School and in his private studio. In 2011 he was nominated as a finalist for Canada’s Kingston Prize.

A practicing artist based in Vancouver, Jeremiah Birnbaum studied at the Victoria College of Art (2001-2003) before earning a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006.  Since graduating Birnbaum has exhibited extensively in both public and private galleries in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Edmonton, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2011 he was nominated as a finalist for Canada’s Kingston Prize.

James Knight has shown a high spatial aptitude from an early age. Transferring a fluency with spraypaint acquired from painting graffiti into fine art practices has led to cutting edge visual renderings. Self taught, James now works out of his studio in Vancouver, having gained collectors internationally as well as across Canada.

Paul Morstad was raised in the Western Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The landscapes, people flora and fauna of these places deeply influence his paintings and films. Having worked previously for the NFB in Montreal for ten years, he currently lives and works in Vancouver, exhibiting at the prestigious Gallery Jones.

After earning a BFA in Theatre from UBC, Jonathan Sutton worked as an actor, director, writer and producer in theatre and film for over a decade. The visual art practice that was to become his main artistic focus evolved through these media, and he continues to draw on dramatic, literary, and narrative influences. He has exhibited in Vancouver and Toronto, and won awards in both cities.

Caroline Weaver is a self-taught painter from Vancouver who has spent the last six years painting in and around the Americas. The ever-growing list of locations in which she has shown includes Ottawa, Calgary, Portland, Philadelphia, Montreal, San Luis Potosi, Philadelphia, Vancouver and some forgotten places.
Oil paintings of the, perhaps, secret lives of animals, how they might be arranging themselves, relating, and celebrating when we’re not looking.

Special thanks to:

by James Knight
Graham Clark presents…
The Amazing Future
January 28, 2017


Join comedian Graham Clark and friends as they talk about The Amazing Future! What do we hope comes next? What did we think would have arrived by now? All will be revealed! Guests Jenny Toews, Simon King and Kyle Bottom.

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