June 2-25, 2016


You’ve seen it before: a pig eating a hotdog, an ice cream eating a cone, a chicken eating a drumstick… animals and inanimate objects consuming themselves. This disturbing yet satisfying art is typically found on the signs of restaurants and butcher shops. Eat Yo Self is a group art show tribute to anthropomorphic cannibalism.

Artists: Alicia Zofia, Amanda Weedmark, Andrea Hooge, Becky Nguyen, Berny Siu, Caitlin Bauman, Carl Baird, Chris Bentzen, Cindy Scaife, Corinne Leroux, Daniel Duncan, Emily Rau, Erin Gibbs, Flavia, Geoffrey Grisso, Jake Collinge, JD Renaud, Jennifer Chernecki, Kat Oughton, Katie Blecker, Kimberley Howie, Kinsey Deakin, Kirsten Hatfield, Lara Hjorthoy, Mallory Donen, Mandy Lau, Megan Majewski, Minjoo Kim & Yeonhee Ellie Seo, Sean Moxley, Solaleh Kazemi, Steve Clark, and Taylor Krulicki.

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eat yo self
Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
January 29, 2016


Come Draw With Alicia Tobin and get some of her patented* comedic critique of your 5-minute drawings (*not actually patented). Then enjoy the stand-up comedy of her special guests Ivan Decker, Ryan Williams and Kevin Banner. Come draw with us! Supplies provided. No talent necessary.

Come Draw with Me
Teenage Dirtbag
January 16, 2016


Hosted by stand-up comic and New Yorker cartoonist Jacob Samuel, comedians Jane Stanton, Katie-Ellen Humphries, Brent Constantine, Ryan Williams and Stefan MacNeil explore the follies of youth.

Teenage Dirtbag
Graham Clark presents…
The Graham Hates Christmas Show
December 18, 2015


Graham is no fan of Christmas. Join him and his guests Daniel Zomparelli, Sophie Buddle and Alicia Tobin as they ridicule holiday films for one night only.

Graham Clark Hates Christmas
The 8th annual CARDED!
Trading card art show
April 2, 2016


The creators of Hot One Inch Action present CARDED! a one-night only show of art reproduced on trading cards. The work of fifty artists is presented on trading cards and made available for art lovers to collect and trade. These 2.5″x3.5″ cards are displayed on the gallery wall and the audience is offered the opportunity to buy random cards in mixed packs of five for $5. If you purchase a pack that doesn’t have your desired card, get into some fast paced trading action with the people around you. How bad do you want that card!?

Artists in this show: Andrea Hooge, Andrew Ferneyhough, Aynsley King, Bryce Aspinall, Candy Hsu, Carelle Dunn, Chiara Ferrari, Chris Carr, Darren Dinh, Doug Savage, Erika Medina, Flavia, Gabriel Koenig, Gabrielle Ng, Gordana Ristic, Hailey Sato, Haley Smith, Hazel Cheng, Heather Gilbraith, Hryanskim, Ilya Viryachev, Jason Fielding, Jenn Brisson, Jennifer Chernecki, John Shigeta, Joy, Julia Iredale, Karyn Wong, Kathryn Mussallem, Kathy Moyou, Ken Rolston, Kim Nipp, Kimberly Parker, Kristian Adam, Kristina Kolosova, Mandy Lau, Marina Leclair, Megan Majewski, Michael King, Nada Hayek, Oliver Hine, Phresha, Quinn Lincoln, Rachael Ashe, Sean Moxley, Serena Inman, Shary Contrary , Vincent Truitner, William Weird and Yvette Tang.

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featuring i♥️, eafo & The Grominator
March 3–19, 2016


Antisocial Media is a collection of works by i♥️, eafo and The Grominator made in the wake of several cliché personal experiences involving love, addiction, and stupidity. They both mourn and rejoice in this unsolicited education. The variety of mediums and styles marks a major creative transition, but each artwork retains a sense of self-reflection and an affinity for illustration. Click here to see photos on Flickr >

i♥️ was born somewhere in western Canada, sometime in the late ’80s. Given the nature of what he does, iHeart remains anonymous. By appropriating elements of digital culture the artist blurs the boundaries of life on- and offline. iHeart’s solo exhibition, #asignofthetimes, was an unsanctioned gallery installed under the Granville Street Bridge in the summer of 2015. The show explored some dark twists on society’s obsession with social media. Despite the City of Vancouver’s efforts to curb iHeart’s nefarious behaviour the artist continues to live and work in Vancouver.

Earthfolk, aka eafo, is a Calgarian boy who makes things. He mostly draws and writes things on walls and canvas and paper and stuff. He is not really sure why he does this, but there is a lot of happiness, sadness, and uncertainty involved. He writes ambiguous love letters and sends them to strangers. He likes drawing iconic things, especially hands and the face of a man. The man is imaginary and is kind of a weirdo, but is a pretty nice guy.

The Grominator, a Canadian graffiti artist, is widely recognized for his psychedelic monsters and graffiti on trains throughout Canada and the United States. He began painting trains in 2008 in his hometown of Calgary AB, and initially creating art in 2006. Since then he has traveled throughout Canada and the United States and created a strong following in North America and worldwide. He is consistently creating and sharing new forms of artwork ranging from canvas’, model trains, and toys to collaborations with clothing companies and long boarding companies. His work has been in skate shops, glass shops, galleries and murals throughout Canada and the United States. He continues to hit every town and city he visits, always making a undeniable presence.

A Pizza Art Show
February 11-27, 2016


Pizza Punks zine and Hot Art Wet City bring you a group art show tribute to your favourite food: pizza! Show pizza how much you love it with this Valentine’s show. Paintings, drawings and digital works depicting the beauty that is pizza. See photos from the show on Flickr >

Artists: Aaron White, Alexandra Dewar, Alexandra Little, Amelia Smart, Andrea Hooge, Anita Bhatia, Arinn Westendorf, Ben Hawkins, Ben Z Cooper, Brent Haddow, Brie Katherine, Bryce Aspinall, Carla Stein, Carli Erin Boisjolie, Cass Wall, Chelsea O’Byrne, Chelsea Ramos, Chris Bentzen, Cole Pauls, Dan Brown Hozjan, Dan Kaspick, Dani Yannece & Maria Asselin-Roy, Darrien Pearce, Emily Rau, Eric Button, Eric Juan, Erin Gibbs, Flavia , Gary Lee, Gerry Cleary, Hannah Ravening, Hayley Dawn Muir, J Lord-Purcell, Jasmine Choi, Jenna Sokalski, Jennifer Chernecki, Jenny Newman, Jill Corbett, John Shigeta, Joni Taylor, Jules Bussey, Kangi Connie Wang, Kathy Moyou, Kay Slater, Kaz Simpson, Kelly Baker, Kirsten Hatfield, Kristian Adam, Lara Hjorthoy, Lara Ripley, Lauren Carr, Lindsay Chetek, Lindsay May, Lyndsey Paramo, Madeline Kloepper, Mallory Donen , Mandy Lau, Mari Ono, Michael Hong, Michelle Federici, Natalie Schnitter, Nic Lypowy, Olivia DiLiberto, Payal Bansal, Pirabalini B, Ratsalad, Rita Loehr, Sara J Molcan, Sara Wilson, Serena Bon-Binky, Stephanie McDonell & Phaedra Harder, Susanna Leu, Taylor Krulicki, Tim Bauer, and Zed Alexandra.

Thanks to Courtney Colbon for supplying pizza cookies and Fire Pizza for supplying actual pizza for our opening reception!

Everything Must Go
December 9-23, 2015


A collection of work from past shows. Lots of hidden gems, a few new pieces and some lost treasures we’ve dug out of storage. Great prices on great work. Plus prints, cards and more for your gift giving pleasure.

Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
December 11, 2015


Come Draw With Alicia Tobin and get some of her patented* comedic critique of your 5-minute drawings (*not actually patented). Then enjoy the comedy of her special guests Kevin Banner, Stacey McLaughlin, Emmett Hall and Charlie Demers! Come draw with us! Supplies provided. No talent necessary.

Come Draw with Me
Graham Clark presents…
November 13, 2015


Graham Clark presents… The Beard Painting Show! Graham does a live beard painting based on audience suggestions while some of Vancouver’s finest comedians do stand up comedy, including Ivan Decker, Sophie Buddle, Ryan Williams and Amber Harper-Young. We’ll end the evening with a screening of a documentary about Graham’s beard paintings by Neil Maclean.

Graham Clark presents
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