Shed yr skin
New works from Nomi Chi
November 3–26, 2016


In Nomi Chi’s first solo exhibition, Shed yr skin features a new collection of paintings, drawings, and sculptures primarily depicting chimeric, sometimes monsterous figures struggling with themselves or otherwise interacting with each other as well as other creatures inhabiting fictitious landscapes. Themes of transformation, desire, and death, and sex are manipulated and explored with an air of humour, as images hint at a broader narrative beyond the picture frame. In addition, Shed yr skin marks a considered departure from Chi’s work previous to their BFA completion: with a new focus on feminist concerns, Chi intends to toy with the idea of female figuration within nature, specifically in relation to the history of visual arts and illustration.

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Nomi Chi is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose primary practice engages with the visual lexicon of illustration and tattoo. Images within Chi’s painting and drawing practice seek a heightened sense of emotive drama, often utilizing animal and human figures, in varying degrees of fictitious construction, as stand-ins for personal experiences and observations on human nature. With seven years of professional tattoo experience, they have achieved a well-established international tattoo career. Nomi Chi graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design in 2015 with a BFA in illustration. They have participated in gallery exhibitions throughout Canada, the US and parts of Europe.

Nomi Chi
The One That Got Away
New works by Gwen D’arcy and Aaron White
July 7–23, 2016


The myth of the tattooed woman is of her wildness and unpredictable nature. The idea that “innocent” untattooed woman are the “better” choice for intimate partners… it’s bullshit of course. Relationships are built out of something deeper than what’s just below the skin. Perhaps you’ve missed out on someone amazing by not looking deeper. These are portraits of all the beautiful, tattooed women that “got away.” The One That Got Away features watercolour works of tattooed female subjects from Gwen D’arcy and Aaron White. This show also hosted a live flash tattoo event from Studio Nest on Saturday July 9.

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Gwen D’arcy is a self taught Canadian artist Who grew up in Scarborough, Ontario. Her past shows include the “31 and Under” artists showcase at Gallery 223 in Nanaimo, BC in 2012 and a limited showcase at Make Studios also in Nanaimo, BC (2013). After a long break from the gallery scene Gwen is making a strong come back with vibrant surrealistic images of tattooed women bound to make you fall in love. When she’s not drawing or painting Gwen is the Brand Cordinator for a fast scaling company, mother to two beautiful children and a proud dog owner. Gwen now lives in Vancouver.

Aaron White graduated from Sheridan’s Classical Animation Program in 2004. He spent a few years working on Saturday morning cartoons before moving on to the video game industry. Since 2007, he has been a concept artist and FX animator for Nexon, Acronym Games, and Roadhouse doing work for Disney, Fox, Activision, Tecmo and Capcom. Happily settled in Vancouver with two carts, a glowing bicycle and as much art as he can fit into the week. His personal work focuses on painted portraiture of alternative and burlesque.

Gwen D'arcy

Joel Rich

Interview with Vancouver tattoo artist and illustrator Joel Rich
MUSIC: “Obscure Terrain” by Revolution Void

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Shannon Hemmett & Kevin McBride
June 4 – 7, 2014


Shannon Hemmett was born in 1982 in Vancouver, Canada. She worked as a photographer and graphic designer before pursuing painting and illustration in 2012. Adopting influences from classical animation, the works of Jim Henson, and American pop art, Shannon’s paintings blend nostalgic, mass culture references with a dark comedic viewpoint. Her series “Thirteen Masks” is a study of disguise and the theatrical dimensions of personal identity. Masks have been worn since antiquity for ceremonial and practical purposes. They are used universally because their mystery and transformative power endures for the wearer and the spectator. Thirteen Masks is Shannon’s first exhibition of illustrative artworks.

Kevin McBride is an artist originally from Victoria B.C. and now based in Vancouver. Kevin’s visual style consists of large scale and highly detailed ink illustrations, with influences such as tattoo art and historical design. These constitute two main subjects: the representation of the under-represented, and the confrontation of personal and societal norms.

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shannon and kevin

Alison Woodward

An interview with Vancouver illustrator Alison Woodward.

MUSIC: “FB-01_#2” by Christian Bjoerklund

Nomi Chi

Happy new year! Let’s start 2013 off with Vancouver illustrator and tattoo artist Nomi Chi. Nomi’s been tattooing since she was 15 years old. Now in her 20s, she also attends Emily Carr University for illustration.

MUSIC: “Kahuama” by Kupa

Syx Langemann

Interview with Vancouver photographer Syx Langemann
MUSIC: “Fuzzy Rain Doesn’t Touch the Ground” by Natalie Vermeer
INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar
VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen

Syx Langemann talks about his nude photo series “Private Portraits.” See more of the photos here. Viewer discretion is advised:

Shwa Keirstead

An interview with Vancouver artist Shwa Keirstead
MUSIC: “Chango Island” by Kupa
INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar
VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen

Joshua Johnson

Interview with Vancouver tattoo artist, painter and sculptor Joshua Johnson
MUSIC: “Power Lines” by Natalie Vermeer
INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar
VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen

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