Kevin Spenst’s Jabbering with BC
April 25, 2015

How many poets does it take to run riot over the city of Vancouver? Thirteen and that’s no joke! Yes, on April 25th to celebrate poetry month, poets of all serious stripes and extemporaneous styles will be cycling, running, dancing, transiting and making their way through ten different venues in the city. These award-winning authors will read their work at an artist’s house, six galleries (the Equinox, Monte Clark, Grunt, Hot Art Wet City, the Or Bookstore and Satellite Gallery), a Korean rice burger shop – Kobob Burger, the Vancouver Public Library and the Paper Hound Bookshop. That’s right! Jennifer Zilm, Shazia Hafiz Ramji, Shannon Rayne, Jordan Abel, Mariner Janes, Matea Kulic, Ray Hsu, Raoul Fernandes, Elena Johnson, Margaret Bollerup, Ben Rawluk, Kevin Spenst and Bren Simmers will be reading their poetry with audiences young and old, suspecting and unsuspecting, poetry-loving or hating. We’re set the win the city over to the powers of poetry for our second annual poetry marathon. Click here for the map, where you can check out all of Kevin Spenst’s 50-venue poetry tour of the province.

Jabbering With BC

The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show & Tour
April 8-10, 2015

Tart Arts presents The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and tour features over 20 international contemporary female pop artists whose work features the female or feminine in form. Small works include originals, illustrations and framed signed prints. This cross border show tours throughout the year to Canadian and US cities.

Artists include Jenn Brisson, Pilar Alvarez, Vicki M, Nicole Steen, Kirsten Easthope, Saray Ray, Emily Thomas, Candy Weil, Alexis Martinez, Christina Christie, Megz Majewski, Holly Anderson, Emma Mount, Bonni Reid, Shary Contrary, Megan Besmirched, Andrea Tucker, Phresha Le Vandale, Kelly Haigh & Sunny Buick

See photos of the show on Flickr >

Art by Megan Majewski
© 2014 Hot Art Wet City