Typography-as-art featuring Bennett Slater, Scott Sueme and Frazer Adams
January 9-25, 2014

Beyond the utilitarian use of letterforms, typography can be beautiful art. This show features typographic-based works from Bennett Slater, Scott Sueme, and Frazer Adams, plus guest artists Ben Knight, James Knight, Erin Gibbs, Brandon Cotter, Ali Bruce, and Rachael Ashe. Opening night included DJ N:coN Fiesere miese/berlin

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Bennett Slater is an illustrator and designer utilizing oil media on natural wooden surfaces. He is constantly searching to uncover the balances between the structured form we perceive logically, and the nostalgic flirtations we conjure internally. His work is partly influenced by the precise forms and soft palettes of the Baroque masters, and the bold geometric intensity of the Russian Avant-Garde and Futurism movements. This dichotomy of contrasting artistic disciplines and influences lends itself to the underlying dualities observed in his work.

Scott Sueme is an interdisciplinary artist combining design, painting, and graffiti. Scott’s interest in typography and design was influenced by his father’s work in the printing industry. Vancouver’s inner city landscape carved his interest in graffiti art, along with an eye out for graphics, logo design, and visual information. Particularly with graffiti, the diversity in letterforms and cultural meaning introduced a new world and a dynamic way to communicate. Scott attended Emily Carr University to study general fine arts and later began painting and creating graphics.

Frazer Adams is a Vancouver-based illustrator, graphic designer and graffiti artist. He wields a strong understanding of three dimensions and greatly values the precision, cleanliness and impact of vector graphics and typography. Though Frazer comes from a background in street art, he draws inspiration from images and ideas found in nature and the universe. Since graduation from the Capilano University IDEA Program, Frazer has expanded game art, user interface design, typography, and turntablism.

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