featuring Meaghan Kennedy & Ali Bruce
January 29 – February 14, 2015

Old movies, soap operas, and sitcoms keep these artists company. Romance from daytime TV to the late night drive-in, onscreen couples inspire many of the good and bad habits we bring into relationships, or work hard to avoid mimicking, and some of them deserve to get hit over the head. We all know the feeling of being love sick—nothing else matters, you could get smashed in the head with a big stick and who even cares! So go on, hit them with your best shot. This show features pinatas by Meaghan Kennedy and art by Ali Bruce.

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Meaghan Kennedy made her first piñata over five years ago for a local cable access show, she immediately fell in love with the craft and left the world of high-end retail to pursue a whole new career as a professional piñata artist. Her one-of-a kind papier mache creations have been commissioned by clients around the world, and have been displayed in restaurants and art shows. Meaghan has been featured as an Artist in Residency for Pop Culture Activist Rusty Blazenhoff’s Electric Dreams Inbox Zine. She was also selected for the Interesting Vancouver speaker series at the Museum of Vancouver. Meaghan and her piñatas have been featured in GQ, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Huffington Post, The Globe and Mail, CTV AM, Steele on Your Side (CTV News), Elle Canada , Vancouver is Awesome, and Ion Magazine.

Ali Bruce is an artist living and working on the east side of Vancouver. Her work is wavy and weird, inspired by illustration, street art, print and sign making. She has a growing interest in the city’s consistently changing creative spaces, its wide range of studios, variety of artists, and the co-cultural habits and lifestyles of people in general. Ali is from Kenora, Ontario which causes her to seek out the small town vibe within the “big” city. She has a BFA in visual art and is currently pursuing design.


Meaghan Kennedy

Interview with Vancouver piñata artist Meaghan Kennedy
MUSIC: “The Great” by Broke For Free

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