HOT TALKS: Eagranie Yuh
November 26, 2013


How To Write Gooder

You may be the most talented creative in the world, but if you can’t communicate what you do, why it matters and why you’re awesome, you’re hooped. But what’s the difference between a clear and concise message, and one that’s flabby and vague? How do you grab someone’s attention and keep it? And how do you do it without sounding like a smarmy greaseball? In this talk, you’ll learn simple ways to whip your writing into shape and tell compelling stories – without selling your soul.

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Eagranie Yuh is a writer, editor, and chocolate educator based in Vancouver, Canada. She is the author of The Chocolate-Tasting Kit, coming spring 2014 from Chronicle Books. You’ll find her work in Best Food Writing 2012, Edible Vancouver, The Vancouver Courier,, and Flavours. Before becoming a professional writer, she was a chemist and a chocolatier.

Eagranie Yuh
Navigating the Art Industry: Professional Practices for Emerging Artists
Thursday November 29 & Thursday December 6, 2012

Navigating the Art Industry: Professional Practices for Emerging Artists is a unique 3-hour seminar designed specifically for emerging artists preparing to approach the commercial and public art industry. It is ideal for fine artists of any media pursuing careers in the commercial Vancouver art market or those looking to expand their exhibition repertoire.

Presenter Pennylane Shen has taught full courses in Vancouver, New York and Toronto. Navigating the Art Industry is a condensed introductory session, combining theory, industry experience and practical resources for the emerging artist. She currently works at the Bau-Xi Gallery and teaches “Marketing for Fine Artists” at Langara College. In the nonprofit sector, Pennylane manages the figurative artists collective Phantoms in the Front Yard and is on the art selection committee for the annual Art for Life art auction.

Topics include:

  • Presentation (portfolio, application letters, CVs, submissions, proposals)
  • Approaching the Vancouver market (gallery profiles, current trends and descriptions)
  • Alternative exhibition and marketing options (juried exhibitions, non-profit art spaces, group shows)
  • Commercial gallery procedures and guidelines (payment, contracts, shipping, framing)
  • Promotional Development (publications, websites, press releases, biographies)
  • Professional arts practices (pricing, hanging, framing, documentation, editions, reproductions)
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