FK IT DUDE (mostly) opening night video

Here’s a little video (mostly) from opening night of FK IT DUDE: an art show that really ties the room together. All the art is inspired by the 1998 Coen brothers film The Big Lebowski. It ran from September 21-30, 2012. More details here >

MUSIC: “All You Fascists Bound To Lose” by Woody Guthrie
Poorly shot and edited by Chris Bentzen

Rachael Ashe

An interview with Vancouver artist Rachael Ashe. Rachael works in altered books, paper cutting & photography.

MUSIC: “Quit Bitching” by Broke For Free

Pics from FK IT DUDE. Better photos up soon.


An interview with Ryan Romero and Travis Collier of Vancouver creative agency Clou

MUSIC: “Salvame” by Kupa
INTERVIEW: Hilary Henegar
VIDEO & EDIT: Chris Bentzen

Part 2: Entrepreneurial Spirit & Trying New Things

Part 3: How Clou Started

Animated GIF from Ben Z Cooper

Unfortunately I don’t have time to set up a projector at the show this Friday but here’s Ben Z Cooper‘s seizure inducing contribution to the show.

Piece from Jeremy Couturier

I’m really gonna have a hard time resisting buying every piece that arrives for FK IT DUDE. This one from Jeremy Couturier.
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Inflated Bowling Pins

Yes, that’s right, I’m hanging some bowling pins in the window. Don’t worry, the inflatable ball and more pins will be available for playtime.
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Erin Gibbs making art at the gallery

Erin Gibbs kept me company for a bit at the gallery and did some work on her show submission.
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Work from Howard Penning for the Lebowski show

More work for the show, this great piece from Howard Penning.
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Framed photo from Caprice White

Caprice White submitted this great bowling shoe photo for the FK IT DUDE show September 21.
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