A Post-It Note Art Show
Saturday March 30, 2019 from 6–10pm
at The Arts Factory


STICKY features over a thousand tiny, original, pieces of art made on 3×3 inch Post-It notes! Over 140 artists contributed 6–10 pieces each, with 1100+ Post-Its priced at $20/each. Our focus is on great art from local and international talent at a very affordable price. On Saturday March 30 at The Arts Factory (281 Industrial Ave, Vancouver), almost 700 people attended the 4 hour, one-night only event. A selection of unsold work is available to purchase in our online store

ARTISTS: Alex Harris, Alex King, Ammi Teir, Amy Tom, Andrea Hooge, Angel Li, Angela Bueckert, Annie Hung, Araminta P, Ashley Carpenter, Aurora Caher, Beatrice Moore, Becky Nguyen, Ben Duncan, Bev Alexander, Brenda Poaps, Brianna Flynn, Calvin Bradbury, Carmine Quezada, Carolina Fierrot, Christel Chan, Christine Wei, Claire Pipher, Clara Leigh-Wong, Courtney Barboza, Crissy Arseneau, Dan Brown Hozjan, Danika Dunn-Rydh, Dawn Lo, Dayley Lim, Dean Mitchell, Debbie Alvarado, Dionne Ong, Duncan Ris, Dzee Louise, Eggman, Ekaterina Nekoryashchikh, ER Gott, Erika Medina, Ezerd, Flavia, Francis Bantayen, Gemma Lee, Gemma McCutcheon, Gillian Pearson, Gord Bruce, Hannah Marsland, Hazel Cheng, Holly Chmelyk, Jace Kim, Jason Beange, Jay Lyonns, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Jenn Brisson, Jenn Ivry, Jenny Hsieh, Jessa Dupuis, Joanna Clark, Joel Searcy, Juan Cisneros Neumann, Julia Frost, Juliane Drouin, Justine Crawford, Kady Chong, Kaitlin Sutherland, Karen Cattell, Karen Oliver, Karen Shangguan, Katherine Oughton, Kathleen Gros, Katie Jane Poetsch, Kay Slater, Kiera Castro, Kit Liu, Lauren Welland, Lauren Williamson, Leonie Wind, Lidia Cecilia Gonzalez, Lilian Sepulveda, Lori Smyrl, Luella Sun, Lyndsey Paramo, Mandy Lau, Marc Ramos, Maren Kathleen Elliott, Marie Joy Caldwell, Marielle Rosky, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Max Brown, Maya Schueller-Elemes, Megan Majewski, Melissa Chui, Mikaela Johanson, Mitch Tharp, Molly Gray, Nadia Baker, Natalia Murillo, Natalie Schnitter, Natasha Broad, Niki Papp, Nova Sawatzky, Olga Zakharova, Paula Sawadsky, Per Jonsson, Peter Ricq, Phy Woo, Piraba, Rachael Ashe, Rachel Jackson, Risa Hugo, Rosanna Chung, Rosaura Ojeda, Ryan Smith, Samantha Thomas, Sean Jackson, Sharman Prior, Sigrid Albert, Soda Leavey, Sophie Vandenbiggelaar, Steffi Lai, Sunny Shah, Taka Sudo, Tania Hennessy, Tarin Mead, Terera Munoz, Tiffany Zhong, Turtle Wayne, UNKY, Vicky Liu, Viela Hu, Vivian Dang, Wendy Ma, Wilson Hu, Wolfgang Neufeld, Yukiko Adachi, and Yulia Tsinko.

Inspired by the Post-It Show at Giant Robot. Thanks to 3M Canada for their support. Produced by Hot Art Wet City and The Arts Factory. Curated by Jeff Chiba Stearns and Flavia C.

Read about our show in The Runner and the Vancouver Courier.

Sticky Show
The 15th Annual
October 20, 2018
at Arts Factory


The 15th annual AND FINAL button show in Vancouver was October 20 at the Arts Factory (281 Industrial Avenue). Buy, collect and trade the art of fifty artists reproduced on one inch buttons. Conceived by Jim Hoehnle and Chris Bentzen in 2004, Hot One Inch Action is the original, one-night only show of art and social interaction from Vancouver, BC. Tiny art on limited edition one inch buttons and sold in random packs of five for $5. Didn’t get the button you want? Trade with the people around you… how bad do you want that button?! That’s when the hot action starts.

ARTISTS: Aaron Gillingham, Airesse MacPhee, Andrea Hooge, Andrea Walters , Angela Bueckert , Angela Gooliaff, Annie Hung, Arinn Westendorf, Caprice White, Carelle B Dunn, Celina Dasneves, Chelsea Ker, Christian Yanez, Christine Wei , Colleen McDole, Crissy Arseneau, DanOddity, Debbie Alvarado , Dezi Raider, Flavia, Graham Peterson, Indy, Jay Lyonns, Jenn Brisson, Jennifer Chernecki, Joanne White, Justine Crawford, Karla Monterrosa-Morales, Katherine Oughton, Kathy van Gogh, Kyle Ferguson, Lisa Lee, Maggie Chan, Mandy Lau, Maria Asselin-Roy & Dany Yannece, Marina LeClair, Mark Klotz, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Megan Majewski, Robert Nicol, Rory O’Sullivan, Rose B, Russell Alton, Sára Molčan, Sherri Rogers, Steffi Lai, Sulan Cang, Vicki Lynn Rae, Vincent Truitner, and Yukiko Adachi.

Hot One Inch Action
The 10th and FINAL
Trading Card Art Show
May 26, 2018
at The Arts Factory


The creators of Hot One Inch Action present the 10th and FINAL CARDED! on Saturday May 26 from 7–11pm at The Arts Factory in Vancouver. Art from 50 local artists reproduced on trading cards and made available for art lovers to buy, collect, and trade. Check out what’s available on the wall and then buy random cards in mixed packs of five for $5. Want a specific card? Trade for it! How bad do you want that card!? ONE NIGHT ONLY! Free to attend! for complete details.

Artists: Ben Worth, Cameron Hicks, Cameron Wilson, Celina Dasneves, Clem Chen, Darcy Dee, Darren LeBeuf, David Camisa, David Righton, Eric Millar, Erika de Canella, Exploding Haggis, Flavia, Gabrielle Ng, Hanna Lee Joshi, James Maxwell, Jeff Chiba Stearns, Jemma Titheridge, Jenn Brisson, John Guy, John Shigeta, Josue Menjivar, Juliana Vieira, Ken Rolston, Laura Bonnie McIntosh, Laura de Pascale, Madison Reid, Mandy Lau, Marina LeClair, Matt Hanns Schroeter, Mike West, Mo Sherwood, Mouthbrooder, Murphy Phelan, Olivia Di Liberto, Phresha, Robert Nicol, Samantha Morales, Serena Bon-Binky, Shary Contrary, Shimona Slomowitz, Simon Lam, Stacey Hamilton, Steffi Lai, Syd Danger, Tony Rodriguez, Trina Forrest, Vincent Truitner, Yukiko Adachi, and Zara Alfonso.

Bad People: Portraits of the Punishable
featuring Phantoms in the Front Yard
March 2–18, 2017


In our fantasies and our phobias. Onto our streets and into our mirrors. Down our alleys and our angers, under our bridges and our skins. In the prisons we fear and the cells we can’t escape.

Bad people.

Celebrating the final exhibition at Hot Art Wet City, Phantoms in the Front Yard reveal their dirty little pictures.

Come see the worst, the naughtiest, the darkest, the damnedest, the shady, the skittish, the last and the least, yourself. We know you’ll take a thing or two away. With miniature pieces and their miniature prices, it may even be some art. Miniature works from $250–600.

Phantoms Members: Michael Abraham, Jeremiah Birnbaum, Andrea Hooge, James Knight, Paul Morstad, Jay Senetchko, Jonathan Sutton & Caroline Weaver.

With guests: Matt Bowen, David Haughton, Norman Yeung, Sara Khan, Ilya Viryachev, Maria Margaretta and Taizo Yamamoto. Curated by: Pennylane Shen.

Click her to see photos from the show on Flickr >

Michael Abraham began his studies in life drawing and compositional painting at the Ontario College of Art (1984-88). His personal coups have included sold out shows and shining reviews in the Vancouver Sun. He has had numerous one-man exhibitions, including at the Jan Baum Gallery in Los Angeles, and Gallery Jones in Vancouver. He has also won numerous awards, including his recent title of Senior Signature Status SFCA, in recognition of Extraordinary Achievement in the field of Visual Fine Arts.

Having studied Classical Animation at Vancouver Film School, Jay Senetchko apprenticed under Gideon Flitt for three years, and Odd Nerdrum for one. He has exhibited extensively in both group and solo contexts in Vancouver, Edmonton, and Berlin. Jay Senetchko also teaches film, painting, and drawing at Vancouver Film School and in his private studio. In 2011 he was nominated as a finalist for Canada’s Kingston Prize.

A practicing artist based in Vancouver, Jeremiah Birnbaum studied at the Victoria College of Art (2001-2003) before earning a Bachelor of Arts in Visual Art from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in 2006.  Since graduating Birnbaum has exhibited extensively in both public and private galleries in Vancouver, British Columbia as well as Edmonton, Alberta and Halifax, Nova Scotia. In 2011 he was nominated as a finalist for Canada’s Kingston Prize.

James Knight has shown a high spatial aptitude from an early age. Transferring a fluency with spraypaint acquired from painting graffiti into fine art practices has led to cutting edge visual renderings. Self taught, James now works out of his studio in Vancouver, having gained collectors internationally as well as across Canada.

Paul Morstad was raised in the Western Provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and British Columbia. The landscapes, people flora and fauna of these places deeply influence his paintings and films. Having worked previously for the NFB in Montreal for ten years, he currently lives and works in Vancouver, exhibiting at the prestigious Gallery Jones.

After earning a BFA in Theatre from UBC, Jonathan Sutton worked as an actor, director, writer and producer in theatre and film for over a decade. The visual art practice that was to become his main artistic focus evolved through these media, and he continues to draw on dramatic, literary, and narrative influences. He has exhibited in Vancouver and Toronto, and won awards in both cities.

Caroline Weaver is a self-taught painter from Vancouver who has spent the last six years painting in and around the Americas. The ever-growing list of locations in which she has shown includes Ottawa, Calgary, Portland, Philadelphia, Montreal, San Luis Potosi, Philadelphia, Vancouver and some forgotten places.
Oil paintings of the, perhaps, secret lives of animals, how they might be arranging themselves, relating, and celebrating when we’re not looking.

Special thanks to:

by James Knight
Toy Babies
New works from Andrea Hooge
February 2–25, 2017


Doll-headed portraits will once again be filling the gallery for Andrea’s fifth solo show. “Toy Babies” marks a return to a theme Andrea drew upon for her first solo show at Hot Art Wet City, while building upon the subject by adding objects used in subsequent work. It’s in the details that a continuation of the use of personal symbols can be seen, with hidden jokes and meanings, and a few surprises! These portraits of mid-century toys are created using cutout shapes to feature paintings and scratchboard illustrations. Andrea takes her inspiration in part from vintage children’s toys and books, her cultural heritage, and the memories of her childhood understandings of the world.

Click here to see photos from the show on Flickr >

Andrea Hooge is an artist living and working out of her home studio in East Vancouver. She focuses mainly on figurative oil paintings and scratchboards, and while many of her works are on wood or hardboard panel, she also creates unique cutouts that move away from conventional shapes. These have been made to stand alone or to overlap and create larger and more dynamic pieces. In addition to her previous solo shows at Hot Art Wet City, Andrea has shown her work in various group shows within Vancouver. Andrea earned her BA from the University of the Fraser Valley, where she majored in Psychology and minored in Visual Arts.


Joel Rich

Interview with Vancouver tattoo artist and illustrator Joel Rich
MUSIC: “Obscure Terrain” by Revolution Void

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Luc Latulippe

Interview with Vancouver artist Luc Latulippe
MUSIC: “Forgiveness Transcending Geneva” by BLEO

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Rebecca Chaperon

Interview with Vancouver painter and illustrator Rebecca Chaperon
MUSIC: “Elaines Over Here” by Pandacetamol

Ola Volo

Interview with Vancouver illustrator Ola Volo
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Mark Illing

An interview with Vancouver artist Mark Illing

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