New painted works by Andrea Hooge
April 12-May 4, 2013

Andrea Hooge‘s doll-head portraits breathe life into inanimate objects and merging reality with fantasy. Using vibrant colours, shapes, and detailed scratchboards as a backdrop, she draws you in and encourages you to explore the connections between technique and subject. Cute yet creepy, much of the work in “Dolly” incorporates the handmade, including wood cutouts, frames, and homemade scratchboard. “Dolly” began as an experiment in painting dolls from the 50s, dolls that mimic life but are themselves lifeless. Could the same be said about the post-War modern experiment? Maybe, but we’ll leave that question for the academics. See photos of the work here >

Andrea Hooge is an artist living and working in Vancouver, BC. Often inspired by the nostalgia of vintage magazines, advertisements, and children’s books, her focus is on oil painted portraits on wood cutouts and panels, as well a scratchboards, inks and acrylics. Andrea received her BA in Psychology and Fine Arts from the University of the Fraser Valley. She regularly submits group shows at Hot Art Wet City, include CARDED! (April 6) and Hot One inch Action, as wells as other group shows in Vancouver.

Watch the pre-HAWC interview we did with Andrea below:

Dolly - art by Andrea Hooge
The Fifth Annual CARDED!
April 6, 2013


Buy, collect and trade the art of fifty artists reproduced on trading cards. Sold in mixed packs of five random cards for $5. Want a specific card? Trade with the other people at the party! How bad do you want it?! To see the art and for more info, go to

This show featured: Miguel Abreu, Fraser Adams, Russell Alton, i Heart, Danielle Borisoff, MW Bowen, Jenn Brisson, Ali Bruce, Paul Antony Carr, Suite Charlie, Tony Cliff, Ben Z Cooper, Brandon Cotter, Dacosta!, DEDOS, Heather Douglas, Carelle B Dunn, Krystian Guevara, Exploding Haggis, Andrea Hooge, Clare Hooper, Serena “Binky” Inman, Lindsay Ishihiro, Kalynn Kallweit, Jackie Klobucar, Framed Fiend (Artem Kuznetsov), Rich Lehl, Justin Longoz, Becky McEachern, Soizick Meister, Josué Menjivar, Jenna Milsom, Hannah Myers, Howard Penning, Nicole Pinkerton, Joel Rich, Steve Rolston, Mika Senda, Jay Senetchko, Kazimir Simpson, Joseph Taormina, Cherry Thompson, Robin Thompson, Amy Tom, Justin Totemical, Mandy Tsung, andyvanoverberghe, Chris von Szombathy, Aaron White, and Ben Worth.


Janna Hurtzig

An interview with Vancouver textile designer Janna Hurtzig. As Astrosatchel, Janna makes vegan bags as well as other products made from reclaimed cashmere.

MUSIC: “Point taken but I’m just going to keep saying ‘cactuses’ anyway” by ignatzthemouse

Jorden & David Doody

An interview with Vancouver collaborative artists Jorden & David Doody. It was inspiring hearing their perspective on working together, about their process, and so much more I haven’t included here… so much so, you can see a second part below. Definitely check them out

MUSIC: “Nothing Like Captain Crunch” by Broke For Free

BONUS: Jorden and David Doody talk about collaboration, communication and the importance of both for their artistic work and personal relationship.

Robin Thompson

An interview with illustrator and instructor Robin Thompson

MUSIC: “Fuck It” by Broke For Free

Sherri Rogers

An interview with Vancouver artist Sherri Rogers (aka Shary Contrary). Sherri is a VFX artist and painter while Shary is organizer of the Vancouver chapter of Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School.

MUSIC: “Something Elated” by Broke For Free

Amelia Alcock-White

An interview with Vancouver artist Amelia Alcock-White

MUSIC: “Like Swimming” by Broke For Free

An Art Show Tribute to your Favourite 4-Letter Word
February 15-17, 2013

A post-Valentine’s Day tribute to your favourite 4-letter word. This art show featured typographic and visual representations and interpretations of the F-word. Fuck you, fuck off, get the fuck outta here, what the fuck, wanna fuck, fuckin eh, fucker, fuuuuuck, f-u-c-k, eff, ah fuck, oh fuck, fuck art, let’s fuck… Viewer discretion is advised. This was also the final show at the pop-up space. Check out the photos on Flickr >

Artists include:
Ali Bruce, Amber Boorman, ARGH!!, Arlin ffrench, Ash Tanasiychuk, Audra Ann Ricketts, Brandon Cotter, Brendan Ellis, Bri Harrison, Caprice White, Carmen Leah, Chelsea Lawrick, Chris Bentzen, Clem Chen, Cole Nowicki, Colin Johnson, Colleen Conroy, Emma Lehto, Erin Gibbs, ESM Artificial, Far Sebastian, Howard Penning, Ilysia Van Deren, Jamil Keyani, Janna Hurtzig, JC, Jeff Mair, Jolene Harrison, Kelly Constabaris & Michael Rohaly, Kirsty Senior, Kristel Saan, Lindsay Chetek & Nicolas Lypowy, Lydia Fu, Mandy Lau, Megan McFarlen, Neal E Nolan, Patrick Donovan, peg.leg, Peter Lojewski, Polly Nomial, Russell Alton, Scott Peace-Miller, Sean Karemaker, Toby Evans, and Zack Ingram.


Colin Johnson

An interview with Vancouver artist and woodworker Colin Johnson. Yes, he built a large, wooden AT-AT liquor cabinet. You may have seen it this year at the Eastside Culture Crawl in Vancouver.

MUSIC: “Blown Out” by Broke For Free

Nicole Dextras

An interview with Vancouver artist Nicole Dextras

MUSIC: “River Spot” by Kumon Plaza

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