Sara Bynoe

Interview with Vancouver comedic performer, writer, host, actor, producer and woman about town Sara Bynoe

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More with Sara Bynoe discussing what improv can do for your creative practice:

Boobies & Wieners
An Immature Look at the Nude
October 3-26, 2013


Some artists take the nude very seriously… as it should be. This is not that show. “Boobies & Wieners” is a group show featuring immature, crass, explicit, cartoonish, odd and whatever else is the opposite of “classy” art featuring nude subjects. It’s pretty self-explanatory really: remember that drawing in the bathroom stall of that gas station on the Trans-Canada Highway? Or the drawings in the margin of your school text book? You get the idea. The show features over 80 artists including: Alex MF Quicho, Matt Bowen, Dylan Berry, Audra Ann Ricketts, AW, ARGH!, Arlyn Bantog, Eileen MacArthur, Katrina Pruss, Max Brown, Laura McIntosh, Pandora Young, Lindsay Chetek, Jordy Cummings, Shaun McCord, Maritza Louis, Katy Springer, Nathan Crothers, Rogan Josh, Marina LeClair, Leah McInnis, Jonathan Moogk, Tanille Geib, Simon Raab, Shelley Stefan, Quinn Lincoln, Ali Bruce, Vanessa Lever, Chris Bentzen, Erin Gibbs, Yolanda Mason, Megan Allard, Shary Contrary, Alicia McLean, Sally Clark, Ben Westergreen, Peter Lojewski, Jessica Viens, Janee Auger, Viktor Barkar, Sharon Piekarski, Kathy Rudin, Ted Wilson, Rita Hernandez, Nicole Parekh, Daniel Hawkins, Rhandi Sandford, Jordan Westre, Kara Zisa, Jenna Milsom, Shelley Rothenburger, Amelia Garvin & Kyla Jamieson, Matthew Gardiner, Shannon Pawliw & Shawn Robinson, Miguel Martin, Vince Hemingson, Marina Nazarova, Char Hoyt & Stephen Wimbush, Aaron White, peg.leg, Francoise Thibault, Bashar Sawalha, Zohar, Marc Junker, Daphne Chan, Russell Alton, Mandy Tsung, Andrea Hooge, and Nomi Chi.

As part of the show, we’ll be featuring “Art or Bust” curated by Jenn Brisson with artists Alicia Lumb, Caprice White, Liz Watson, Christina Norberg, Sarah Mulder, Amanda McCuaig, Ben Westergreen, LJ Throstle, Cielo English, and Jenn Brisson applying their art to breast casts of people who have been affected by breast cancer or who have known someone who has. Casts of Pixie Pristine, Melissa Serrano, Lisa Dickson, Laura Fee, Shona Miko Musgrave, Rachelle Jones, Lizzy, Sandy, and Kristi Clark. These pieces will be auctioned off and money raised donated. Each piece will include the reasons why the model and artist felt drawn to participate in this project or how it has affected their lives. Breast cancer affects 1 in 9 people… chances are that if YOU are not diagnosed with breast cancer, someone you know will be.

See photos from the show on Flickr >

Special thanks to Cariboo Brewing for their support and to Bestie, Chinatown’s finest Currywurst, for donating prizes for opening night.
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boobies and wieners

Autumn Shift Festival
Sunday September 15, 2013

Hot Art Wet City is part of the 4th Annual Autumn Shift Festival on Main Street – a Mount Pleasant, family friendly event that celebrates sustainability, urban gardening, healthy living, art and community in Vancouver. Buy art from local artists Andrea Hooge, Rachael Ashe, Sean Karemaker, Russell Alton, Alice Vogelaar, Jenn Brisson, Josue Menjivar, Char Hoyt, and Mandy Tsung. Plus, check out a mini SNAG, the weekly live-painting and art-raffle that happens every Wednesday night at The Cobalt (917 Main). We’ll be featuring live painting by local talent, and the guy behind SNAG, Drew Young.

Along with the Hot Art Wet City artist area in the parking lot at Main and 7th, the festival also features a local farmer’s market and nursery, three stages including the main stage at Main Street and Broadway, free popcorn & cotton candy at Main Street and 8th Ave, various vendors and plenty of FREE children’s activities! There will also be a sausage BBQ cook-off at 2pm (a fundraiser for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank) at Main Street and 7th Ave and a BLIM fashion show with Liveable Laneways at 4pm.

Autumn Shift Festival

Ben Z Cooper

An interview with Vancouver imaginographer Ben Z Cooper
MUSIC: “Tam814” by LJ Kruzer

WORKSHOP: DIY Pro Framing Techniques
Thursday May 30, 2013
Cost-effectiveness Ways to Customize your Work

Framing your artwork is often necessary however very expensive. This seminar offers cost-effective do-it-yourself methods and general techniques for framing various types of artwork such as photo-based prints, works on panel, canvases and floating drawings behind glass. How to matte, assemble woodcuts, foam core, spacers and glass will be demonstrated.

The seminar covers contemporary styles and trends in framing, as well as the importance of protecting the artwork for longevity and archival purposes. Finally, cost effective resources for where to find the basic materials will be provided.

If you have specific questions about your own unique artwork, feel free to bring samples for suggestions and discussion.

Presenter Pennylane Shen has taught full courses in Vancouver, New York and Toronto. Navigating the Art Industry is a condensed introductory session, combining theory, industry experience and practical resources for the emerging artist. She currently works at the Bau-Xi Gallery and teaches “Marketing for Fine Artists” at Langara College. In the nonprofit sector, Pennylane manages the figurative artists collective Phantoms in the Front Yard and is on the art selection committee for the annual Art for Life art auction.


Ali Bruce

An interview with Vancouver artist Ali Bruce
MUSIC: “Keep Your Eyes Open” by Tortue Super Sonic

Dr Sketchy’s Vancouver: Summer Series
Thursday May 23, 2013


Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is what happens when a simple question is asked: why can’t figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join us for 3 hours of drinking, drawing and decadence!

Dr Sketchy's - May 2013
Hot Talks: Kim Werker
May 21, 2013

Sometimes It Ain’t Pretty:
How the Painful Parts of Creativity Can Be Our Strongest Assets

No amount of you-can-do-it cheerleading can prepare us for the inevitable pitfalls inherent to creative exploration. We’re going to struggle, we’re going to stumble, we’re going to fall flat on our face. The thing is, everyone does. So rather than avoiding failure at all costs, I say we allow – or even force – ourselves to dig deep into it for a while. From an intimate understanding of our relationship with failure we can become stronger, more flexible, less afraid, and more adventurous.

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Kim Werker leads a project called Mighty Ugly, helping people of all sorts work through their discomfort so they can have more fun making stuff and generally being creative. Her book on the subject is due out in the spring of 2014. She works as a writer and editor from her Vancouver home, which is also home to a two-year-old, a mutt, and a post-doctoral researcher.

Kim Werker

Jon Shaw

An interview with Vancouver artist Jon Shaw
MUSIC: “Aeropuerto” by Tortue Super Sonic

Laura McIntosh

An interview with Vancouver artist Laura McIntosh

MUSIC: “tunnels” by The Ananas

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