Come Draw With Me

Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
with Special Comedic Guests Kyle Bottom, Erica Sigurdson, and Graham Clark
plus musical guest Emmett Hall
November 15, 2013


Come draw with Alicia and laugh your rain pants right off your body and reveal those muscular legs of yours (please wear underpants under your pants to all of my shows for this reason). This month’s super special show features the brilliant musical stylings of the handsome and also superb Emmett Hall, be dazzled by comedians Kyle Bottom, Erica Sigurdson, and Graham Clark who are all attractive and funny. Come draw with Alicia and laugh and hug each other with your eyes. Buy drinks and giggle!

Ben & Erica from Earnest
Hot Talks: Ben & Erica from Earnest Ice Cream
October 29, 2013

Small Business as a Platform for Change: Adventures of an Ice Cream Startup
Ben and Erica are co-owners of Earnest Ice Cream, creating small batch artisanal ice cream for Vancouverites. Earnest Ice Cream started in June 2012, with the two of them peddling their frozen treats to farmers markets throughout the city. The business has now grown to a scoop shop on Fraser, nine employees, and wholesale accounts throughout the city. Ben and Erica will share their story of starting Earnest Ice Cream and the challenges and lessons learned through launching a values-based small business.

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In a previous life, Erica worked in advertising in Toronto before returning to her first passion — food and hospitality. She completed the Culinary Arts program at George Brown College and worked in some of Toronto’s best restaurants before making the move to Vancouver. She has since been involved in the local food and beverage scene, ranging from top restaurants to food security nonprofits. Ben never thought of himself as an entrepreneur until he ended up immigrating to Canada from Western Washington. He’s been a bicycle courier, upcycling coordinator, radio journalist and always an ice cream lover.

doin it like martha
Doing it Like Martha
Halloween Style
October 26, 2013


Spider Suckers, Popcorn and Mice… werd. Remember as a kid when making shit was fun? And, all craft-making materials magically appeared? Check it: an afternoon of making stuff and drinks. Dudes too. Before breaking out the scissors and glue, there will be a magic meditation with local yogini, Ingrid Nilson, to awaken creative crafting potential. Hells yah! This is Vancouver. Crafting materials will be provided. Brought to you by Ingrid Nilson and Angela Gooliaff.

Ingrid Nilson teaches yoga all over the city and the world. It’s meditation that keep her creative and inspired. Since learning in India, she finds meditating helps clear her mind – especially of Halloween spookies… A Lululemon Ambassador, Ingrid also helps run Project True, a non-profit that promote positive body image.

Angela Gooliaff is a practicing and national-exhibiting visual artist who draws a lot of insects, especially ants. A recent artist residency acceptance in France will soon take her career international. To pay the rent, she is a background actor. Watch closely, you may catch the back of her head in Arrow.

Marina Glynn

Interview with sculptor Marina Glynn
MUSIC: “11” by The Valleys

Ladies First
7th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and Tour
February 20 – March 8, 2014


The 7th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and Tour features international and local up-and-coming and legendary female pop artists working in female themes. Curated by Tart Arts (watch an interview with curator Nicole Steen below), the show celebrates seven years in 2014, beginning in Vancouver with an exhibit at Hot Art Wet City, the show will then travel to various US and Canadian cities throughout the year. Opening reception featured DJ Kookie.

Artists include:
Lisa Petrucci (Seattle)
Edith Lebeau (Montreal)
Kirsten Easthope (Denver)
Miss Meow (Vancouver)
Sara Ray (Los Angeles)
Holly Ruth Anderson (Vancouver)
Vicki M. (Vancouver)
Nicole Steen (Vancouver)
Paige Reynolds (Toronto)
Bonni Reid (Vancouver)
Emily Thomas (Toronto)
Iris Satijn (Amsterdam)
Lizzie Carr (Calgary)
Phresha Le Vandale (Vancouver)
Megan Besmirched (Chicago)
Kelly Haigh (Vancouver)
Jenn Brisson (Vancouver)
Avrell Fox (Nelson)
Emma Mount (Wimborne,UK)
Megz Majewski (Vancouver)
Redd Walitzki (Seattle)
Carol Nottingham (Victoria)

Laura Bifano

Interview with artist and illustrator Laura Bifano
MUSIC: “10” by The Valleys

Drawing Workshop
Drawing Demo & Workshop with Mandy Tsung
October 19 & 20, 2013


Mandy Tsung is an artist with a unique approach to representing the human face. Now you can learn the secrets of how she captures emotion and life in her portraits with simple materials. In the demo portion for the first half of Saturday’s class, watch Mandy as she creates a portrait from start to finish while talking about her practice. In the workshop for the second half of the class on Saturday and the entire class on Sunday, you will have the opportunity to create a drawing of your own with one-on-one instruction. Specific materials and media will be covered, along with the basic technical concepts necessary for creating a finished drawing. If you’ve ever wondered how to improve on your own drawings (portrait or otherwise), then this workshop is for you. All skill levels welcome.

Interested in taking this class? Please email and let us know!

alicia tobin come draw with me
Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
with Special Comedic Guests
Ben McGinnis, Katie Ellen Humphries, and Graham Clark!
October 18, 2013


Join Alicia Tobin and her special guests Ben McGinnis, Katie Ellen Humphries, and Graham Clark for an evening of drawings, laughings, sharings (not too much sharing) huggings (no way, gross), marker sniffing, and friendships. Part comedy show, part art class… well, probably not. Music from Devon Lougheed.

Frazer Adams

Interview with Vancouver graphic artist Frazer Adams. Check out his work in LUXSTAR Innergalaktik from Sept 6-28 at Hot Art Wet City.
MUSIC: “13” by The Valleys

Mandy Tsung

Interview with Vancouver figurative painter Mandy Tsung
MUSIC: “2” by The Valleys

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