Art by Megan Majewski

The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show & Tour
April 8-10, 2015

Tart Arts presents The 8th Annual LADIES FIRST Art Show and tour features over 20 international contemporary female pop artists whose work features the female or feminine in form. Small works include originals, illustrations and framed signed prints. This cross border show tours throughout the year to Canadian and US cities.

Artists include Jenn Brisson, Pilar Alvarez, Vicki M, Nicole Steen, Kirsten Easthope, Saray Ray, Emily Thomas, Candy Weil, Alexis Martinez, Christina Christie, Megz Majewski, Holly Anderson, Emma Mount, Bonni Reid, Shary Contrary, Megan Besmirched, Andrea Tucker, Phresha Le Vandale, Kelly Haigh & Sunny Buick

See photos of the show on Flickr >

Danielle Krysa

HOT TALKS: Danielle Krysa
May 15, 2014

Creative Blocks

Have you ever heard that people who study psychology, often have issues of their own that they’re trying to work through? Yes, well, perhaps that’s why Danielle Krysa decided to write a book about creative blocks. Everyone who dabbles in something creative has blocks from time to time – right? Right. Krysa’s written hundreds and hundreds of posts about successful, working artists who seem to have this whole “creative thing” figured out, but surely they have blocks too. How do they get through them? Where do they find fresh inspiration? Do they hear their inner-critic? How do they handle negative feedback? Does it stop them in their tracks? When the ideas just aren’t there, or when the ideas are there, but their hands or materials will not cooperate, how do they find their way through?

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Danielle Krysa has a BFA in Fine Arts, and a post-grad in graphic design. She is the writer/curator behind The Jealous Curator, an art blog that celebrates the work of contemporary artists. Along with writing a daily post on her own site, Danielle has also written guest posts for West Elm, Style by Emily Henderson, Etsy, and many other blogs. She is a regular contributor to, and has written articles for Frankie Magazine, and Anthology Magazine. All of this writing has recently lead to Danielle becoming a published author – in February of 2014 her first book, CREATIVE BLOCK, was released by Chronicle Books. A second book, about contemporary collage, will be published in the fall of 2014.


Vancouverite: A Comedy Show
May 9, 2014

Amber Harper-Young and Brent Constantine brought a sold out audience very funny stories about what adjusting to Vancouver has been like, told to you by some of the best Vancouver comedians including Andrew MacLachlan, Chris Griffin, Fatima Dhowre, Heather Jordan Ross, Jordan Cohen, Stefan MacNeil, and Sara Bynoe.

Come Draw With Me

Alicia Tobin’s Come Draw With Me
with Special Comedic Guests Adam Patemen,
Brent Constantine, & Katie Ellen Humphries
Musical guest Emmett Hall
April 25, 2014

Come Draw With Alicia Tobin and get some of her patented* comedic critique of your 5-minute drawings (*not actually patented). Then enjoy the stand-up comedy of her special comedic guests Adam Patemen, Brent Constantine, and Katie Ellen Humphries. Musical guest Emmett Hall. Come draw with us! Supplies provided. No talent necessary. This show sells out every month!


HOT TALKS: Alison Denham & Billy Marchenski
April 24, 2014

Alison Denham and Billy Marchenski present choreography and slideshow excerpts from their piece Slowpoke. This live performance is inspired by their experiences visiting the Chernobyl Exclusion zone in the Fall of 2011. Slowpoke starts off as a pilgrimage to rediscover lost roots and turns into an analysis of ideas of authenticity and human beings’ relationship to the eternal in everyday life. The show premiered at the Russian Hall last summer, co-produced by local Theatre company Radix. This excerpt comes from a duet that deals with themes of artistic versus moral responsibility and at making the invisible visible. It is an attempt at touching, for a moment, what is uncanny, intangible, unknowable. Read a preview of the performance from the Georgia Straight >

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Alison Denham attended Arts Umbrella and the Ballet BC mentor program. She danced with Dancemakers in Toronto under the direction of Serge Bennathan. In 2005 she moved back to the west coast where she danced for companies such as Wen Wei Dance, Lola Dance, Co. Erasga Dance, Simone Orlando, Andrea Nann, Science Friction, Peter Chin of Tribal Craclkling Wind, Tara Cheyenne Performance, Out Innerspace, Plastic Orchid Factory, The Rainforest Circus, and Peggy Baker. She is currently working on projects with Justine Chambers, and Tara Cheyenne Friedenberg.

Billy Marchenski has a BFA in Theatre from SFU. He is a founding member of the Jesse nominated company, Screaming Flea. Since 2000, Billy has worked for professional independent Theatre, and Contemporary dance companies such as Battery Opera, Radix, Helen Walkley, Theatre Terrific, The Leaky Heaven Circus, Caravan Farm, Bica Del Lupo, Co.Erasga Dance, Tribal Crackling Wind in Toronto, Theatre Skam, Felix Culpa, Kinesis Dance Somateatro, The Only Animal, Serge Bennathan, Science Friction, Movent, In the House Festival, Vancouver Moving Theatre, and the Rainforest Circus.

Lottie Libido

Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School
ft Lottie Libido
April 15, 2014


It’s rockabilly time with Lottie Libido! Dr Sketchy’s Anti Art School is what happens when a simple question is asked: why can’t figure drawing be sexy? Part art class, part cabaret, join us on the third Tuesday of the month at Hot Art Wet City for 3 hours of drawing and decadence! for tickets and more info. Advance tickets also available at the gallery. Join the Dr Sketchy’s Facebook page to keep up to date and see pics >


Altered Book Workshop
with Rachael Ashe
April 13, 2014


This workshop is an introduction to examples and techniques for transforming old books into one-of-a-kind pieces of art. There is an unlimited potential for creating interesting work by altering books through cutting, folding, rolling, collage, etc. This course will demonstrate a selection of techniques and provide a starting point for creating work of your own. The goal will be to complete one finished altered book by the end of the workshop. Please bring at least two old books you would like to work with, one for experimenting, and one to make a completed project with.

Photos of student work from previous workshops can be viewed here >

Student Provided Materials:
2 hardcover Books (stitched binding preferred)
White glue
Xacto knife
Small paint brush
Cutting mat
Bone folder knife
small spring clamps

Optional Materials:
Thread & needles
Beads & buttons
Small objects
Decorative papers
Acrylic or watercolour paint
Rubber stamps & ink pads
Foam brush

A multi-disciplinary artist, Rachael Ashe began her career as a graduate of the Creative Photography program at Humber College, specializing in portraiture and toy cameras. Over the past five years her focus has evolved from photography to paper-based work, notably altered book sculpture, paper cutting, and paper engineering. Rachael is process driven, with a belief in learning by doing and is constantly experimenting to push the boundaries of her work as an artist.


Vancouverite: A comedy show
March 28, 2014

Amber Harper-Young and Brent Constantine bring you very funny stories about what adjusting to Vancouver has been like, told to you by some of the best Vancouver comedians including Ben Mills, Brad Dorion, Alex Sparling, Jacob Samuel, and Randee Newmeyer.

Julien Thomas

HOT TALKS: Julien Thomas
March 27, 2014


Confessions of an Urban Interventionist

We find ourselves in a concrete reality of streets, curbs, and sidewalks that guide our daily path. Despite this hard situation, we do have a choice: What if we decided to step off the curb and chart new directions? What actually compels us to walk the straight and narrow? The work I do asks these questions in order to find new ways of living together in the city we call home. I’d like to share with you my successes, failures, insights, and inspirations from this work.

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Julien F. Thomas is a Vancouver-based Social Artist and Facilitator. Over the past four years, he has founded eight unique projects using public space, collaborative gaming, and film as mediums. His recent initiatives include Park-a-Park, Vancouver’s first mobile park, and the Commercial Drive Parklet which was successfully funded through Kickstarter in late 2013. Julien pursues his passion by creating spaces that forge new connections and radically engage participants. When he is not creating, you can find Julien at a local craft brewery enjoying bitter hops. He is moving to Amsterdam in late 2014 to pursue a Masters in design and deliberation.


Art Pricing Workshop
March 26, 2014
Talk and Q&A; optional 10 minute one-on-one consultation

Are you an unrepresented but talented artist unable to sell your work or a student that doesn’t know where to start? Maybe you just want a little kick in the ass? If it’s not the art, maybe it’s the price. Hot Art Wet City owner Chris Bentzen gives you a realistic look at pricing your art in the competitive art scene here in Vancouver and beyond. 30-minute talk followed by Q&A. If you want to talk about your own work, bring one or 2 of your pieces for one-on-one consultation. 10-minute bookings available for an additional $10.

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